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Mathcad 14.0 - Displaying / Printing

  1. Dec 30, 2009 #1
    I am new to Mathcad and using it is redefining my idea of hell.

    All i want to do is type some equations and then print it out. Nothing more sinister.

    When i type the equations in some times they go red and i get a message appear like "a name is required here" i couldn't care less about this, is there anyway i can get rid of it?

    I don't want anything to print in red. If I click "disable calculation" then the red then goes back to black, but a small black box appears. I don't want any small meaningless black boxes when i print out. Can i remove these black boxes?

    I would like to thing it is not too much to ask to print text that is bold and or underlined as bold and or underlined, does anyone know how do do this? Text that i have as bold or underlined will just print as if it is not.

    How do you plot a vector field in mathcad? The mathcad instructions may as well be in double dutch. Is it really as complex as they make out? If so forget it.

    I have been instructed to use mathcad to enable me to present my work in a typed rather than hand written format. Thus i care little about the fact that it can do some of the calculations i have done everything by hand anyway. Bearing this in mind i am finding mathcad very bad at simply displaying what i want it to. This really makes me wonder what the hell this software is actually for? If you want to do any calculations on a computer package why would anyone choose mathcad? there are much better packages out there.
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    I'm starting to think maybe the problems i am having are because of a print driver issue. I just pdf'ed the attached document and clearly some of the text is on top of each other. Then when i tried to re print the document i got this error message repeatedly.

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