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Events mistaken for April Fools jokes?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    What are some examples of real events that were mistaken for April Fools jokes?
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    At PF, or in the Facebook world?

    Sean and Julian Lennon's mother apparently passed away yesterday.
    I decided it was not a good idea to drop dead on April fool's day....

    And my apparent joke about experiencing a "Transient Ischemic Attack(TIA)" yesterday, was not a joke.
    It really happened!
    In my own mind of course.
    Where else could it happen?

    I kind of captured the moment, as, although I was a bit confused, it struck me as an incredibly sciencey type thing.
    No one, since Linda Bolton Howell Jill Bolte Taylor, to my knowledge, has shared such an experience.

    I was going to start a thread about it, in the "Medical" forum, but I decided that:
    a. People might tell me to go to the doctor. (I think mine, was a minor TIA, and not worthy. It got me googling like hell though. )
    b. We don't give out medical advice here. (It happened. I'm not asking for medical advice. Would start a very long "opinionated" argument. Ugh!)
    c. Om, has gone over the edge, let's get rid of him. (My worst nightmare.)
    Anyways, my millennial friends were whining about getting AARP adverts in the mail yesterday.
    I mentioned that they should wait 20 years, and just see how Samuel L. Jacksonesque their language became, when they got their first "Free! Prepaid Cremation!" adverts.
    Someone today said; "April Fools!", to the thing about AARP.

    Just checked my mailbox: AARP & my 2nd "free cremation services" piece of junk mail......

    This is not funny.

    Unless of course......

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    A huge amount of explosives on a mine exploded near my city, and you could hear the blast and feel the enormous air pressure even 50km away from it. I'm about 30km away and it felt like an earthquake, everything shaked. Very hard to believe for people who aren't from here lol, it was only when news websites posted it that many people believed.
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    I heard on the 1st, that Joni Mitchell had entered the hospital, and have found no evidence to the contrary.
    Checking up on her status, I ran across an article published yesterday, about a disease she claims to have: Morgellons.
    According to the CDC, the disease does not exist.

    I think it's a bit ironic, ending up in the hospital, suffering from a disease, on April 1st, that most doctors would consider a joke.
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