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This is a list of events held and scheduled by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a mixed martial arts promotion based in the United States. UFC's first event, UFC 1, took place on November 12, 1993. Each UFC event contains several fights. Traditionally, every event starts off with a preliminary card followed by a main card, with the last fight being known as the main event.

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  1. C

    Simultaneous events separated by distance and time

    For this problem, Does anybody please know how events can be separated by time in one frame and distance in another? This notation does not seem physically correct to me. Thanks!
  2. C

    A Multiparticipant events and pairwise probabilities

    Is there a formula for this ? Consider the following simple looking problem. We have three contestants A, B and C, there is a competition between them and the best wins. For example a race, discus throw, javelin throw ... We know that A beats B with a probability 0.6, A beats C with a...
  3. A

    Exploring the Physics Community: A Chat with Chatgpt

    I was chating with chatgpt about communites and that time I found Physics forums. Totally a great place for all the physics enthusiast. Great to be here!!!
  4. hagopbul

    I How to use physics to prove historical events?

    Hello all: Watching few news , titanic came and we start to have a question , can I prove that titanic was sunk because of hitting an ice mountain, and not because of torpedo, should we use material specifications , speed of the ship , and material specifications of the ice mountain or we...
  5. milkism

    Calculating Spacetime Intervals for Simultaneous Events

    Exercise: My solutions: For events to be simultaneous, the invariant interval must be bigger than zero (spacelike). I got $$I = -c^2 \Delta t^2 + \Delta x^2 + \Delta y^2 + \Delta z^2 = -(0-1)^2 + (0-2)^2 + (0-0)^2 + (0-0)^2 = -1 + 4 = 3 >0$$. Which is indeed greater than zero, to find the...
  6. Morbert

    I What is the relationship between events and outcomes in quantum theories?

    This thread picks up a discussion between myself and @A. Neumaier in another thread. In particular, this comment: Reference: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/nobody-understands-quantum-physics.1049370/page-8 First some basic background. If we consider the usual presentation of a...
  7. olgerm

    I remember some recent year events earlier than it is now written

    Oddly I remember having read about these events before (beginning of) year 2020. murder of George Floyd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_George_Floyd Kenosha unrest shooting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenosha_unrest_shooting Capitol Hill Occupied Protest...
  8. J

    Does the Galilean transform rely on 2 events?

    From my limited understanding the Galilean transform has 2 frames but 4 four perspectives. For example x is the stationary frame when using ## ∆x = ∆x′ + v ∆t ## and x' is moving. When using ## ∆x' = ∆x - v ∆t ## and x' is stationary and x is moving. Now lets use the example of ## ∆x = ∆x′ + v...
  9. G

    Stargazing Can Stars Be Spaghettified in a Matter of Days by Black Holes?

    I read that the gravitational tidal force of a nearby blackhole can twist and tear apart stars, sometimes even in a matter of days. The 'matter of days' part peaked my interest, and I figured I would ask here before looking it up. Have we ever observed any such event in a matter of days? Is...
  10. B

    I Time-Like Events: Spatial Order Not Relevant?

    Hi, I'm having trouble understanding that for time-like events where the order of time is absolute, these events can be in different spatial orders depending on reference frame. Can someone provide an example please? Thank you!
  11. SrivastavaHarsh

    A A game of seemingly mutually independent events

    There are 4 players numbered 1 to 4. There is a room with an entrance door to one side and exit door to opposite side. Inside the room, there are 4 boxes numbered 1 to 4. Inside each box, there is a chit containing a number (with equal probability) from 1 to 4 (inclusive). No two chits can have...
  12. G

    I Quantum events near a black hole

    I apologise for my very limited understanding of quantum physics: my background is in General Relativity. A wave function is said to represent the probability of a particle being at some point in space/time, and I take that to mean that the probability of a quantum event is a density on...
  13. J

    B Equation to approximate percent likelyhood of different sigma events

    Hi! I was wondering if there was an equation to plug in a standard deviation value and get back approximately the percent likely hood of getting that sigma (for example 1 sigma would be 33%, 3 sigma 0.27%, etc). Just something that approximates it with algebra, no calculus Thanks!
  14. Bob Walance

    JavaScript How to associate several component events to one JavaScript file?

    I am creating a web page that will have several buttons on it. When a button is pressed it will play a tone or combination of tones. With the Google Web Designer application, I can create a simple page with one button on it. I'm able to associate the clicking of that button with "Custom Code"...
  15. I

    MHB Calculating probability that 3 events occur 1 after other

    Let's say we have 3 events that all have a certain chance of occurring. Each latter event occurring depends on if the prior event occurred based on the chance associated with it. For example, if Event #1 does not happen, Event #2 cannot happen. As such, if Event #2 doesn't happen, Event #3...
  16. guyvsdcsniper

    Inclusion/Exclusion Principle for 3 events

    Below is my attempt at the problem. I used the distributive law and applied to what was given, (A∪B)∪Z which equates to (A∪Z)∩(B∪Z). I then applied the 2 set I/E formula to each union. Since there is an intersection between these two sets I added them. But I end up with 2 P(Z) which doesn't...
  17. E

    MHB Probabilities of certain events in a lucky wheel game

    Given information: A wheel of fortune with ten equal sectors is used for a candidate game. Five of these sectors are labelled only with the number 1, three only with the number 2 and two only with the number 3. The game for a pair of candidates is as follows: The two candidates �K1 and K2...
  18. A

    Robotics applications in Major Events & Functions

    Humanoid Robots. Just requiring your thoughts on this. Major events,functions example Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary celebrations, Cricket, Football live match etc are captured using Video camera/s with Humans performing the function with later on the captured recorded video is edited with...
  19. Rendering

    Impact events: when were they first seen as potentially catastrophic?

    (This is a history of science question, so please let me know if it's not appropriate to this forum.) When did someone first realize that major Earth impact events (asteroids, etc.) could potentially be catastrophic? To be clear, I don't mean in the purely theoretical sense (the likely given...
  20. P

    B Decision for conditional probability instead of intersection of events

    Hello, I have a question about the following sentence and would appreciate if someone could explain how to read out the conditional probability here. "Each microwave produced at factory A is defective with probability 0.05". I understand the sentence as the intersection ##P(Defect \cap...
  21. Astronuc

    Current disease events in wildlife and domestic animals

    My wife read an article last night about an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in rabbits, and it has been passing through populations throughout the US. So, I decided to look into it and came across a wildlifehealth.org. There is a lot of nasty stuff out there. Detection of High Pathogenic Avian...
  22. M

    MHB How can we find probability space and events

    Hey! :giggle: Give a probability space and events $A$, $B$ and $C$ such that $P [C \mid A]>P [C \mid A \cup B]$.So we want that $$\frac{P[C\cap A]}{P[A]}>\frac{P[C\cap (A\cup B)]}{P[A\cup B]}=\frac{P[(C\cap A)\cup (C\cap B)]}{P[A\cup B]}$$ But how can we find these events ? :unsure:
  23. PainterGuy

    I Conditional and joint probabilities of statistically dependent events

    Hi, If the events A and B are statically dependent then the following formulas are used to calculate conditional probability and joint probability but there is a problem. As I see it both formulas are dependent upon each other. One cannot calculate conditional probability without first...
  24. K

    I Feynman path integral and events beyond the speed of light

    In Richard Feynman's book "The Strange Theory of Light and Matter", in chapter 2, he explains how to calculate the probability that light from some source will be reflected by a mirror and be detected at some location. He explains how you sum up all of the probability amplitudes (represented...
  25. Moara

    Observation of events and analysis of the associated Hypotheses

    For letter a), i think that he is assuming that each hypothesis is independent, and that they are mutually exclusive.For letter b), I understand that it indeed admits the relative frequency interpretation, since the the experiment is being produced several times. For letter c) we do the...
  26. SEYED2001

    I What would be the geological events during a "big slurp"?

    One possibility for the ultimate fate of our universe is so called the "big slurp", which to my limited knowledge is some sort of quantum phase transition related to Higg's field (see: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_fate_of_the_universe OR...
  27. M

    Problem with independent events in possibilities

    Summary:: problem with independent events in possibilities A forest has a fire per year with probability 30% and it has 2 fires per year with possibility 5%.The probability of 3 or more fires is 0%.The forest might have disasters from the wind which blows with probability of 100% or has...
  28. M

    B Probability of n events over a time period

    Let's say you have a leaking tab, and the probability of a droplet in any given second is 1%, regardless of whether there was a drop previously. How would you calculate the probability of n drops in a minute? No drops in a second is 0.99, so no drops over a minute is 0.99^60. Hence one or more...
  29. BWV

    The Imprecision of Modeling Real World Events

    find the whole idea of modelling real world events involving human beings an interesting intersection of math, science and bull####. The idea of assigning a probabilty to a complex event like an election seems like scientism at its worst. If someone who has studies past elections says ‘my...
  30. F

    Spaceship is approaching the Earth with an unknown speed

    I started by finding the main events: Sending the first message Receipt the first message Sending the second message Receipt the second message Now, what we know is the time by ##S'## (comoving frame with the spaceship) ##T_1'## and ##T_2'## remaining to arrive to the Earth measured at...
  31. L

    Causing periodic storm events on a fictional planet

    Hi, I’m looking for ideas and guidance (maybe even formulas?) on making an on-planet situation match a hypothetical solar system. It’s for a fantasy role-playing, but the sentient species must necessarily care (and believably calculate) aspects about their solar system. (However, because it’s...
  32. brotherbobby

    "Distance" between events in uniformly moving and accelerating frames

    (1) Uniformly moving frames I begin with a drawing of the situation. The events are labelled as ##\color{red}{E_1}## and ##\color{red}{E_2}##. We note the time of those events : ##t_1 = t'_1 = 30s## and ##t_2 = t_2' = 30+60 = 90s##. I attempt the problem in two different ways. (a) By...
  33. cianfa72

    I Spacetime distance between spacelike related events

    Hi, in general relativity I'm aware of the spacetime 'distance' between two timelike related events is maximized by the free falling timelike path (zero proper acceleration) joining them. Consider now a couple of events belonging to a spacelike hypersurface (AFAIK it is an hypersurface with...
  34. Bolte Dela Paz

    Estimation of the number of background events

    The problem is; You are designing an experiment to search for a new particle. Based on some model, the number of expected signal events is estimated to be 10. In order to claim the signal with the confidence level of 3σ (or 5σ), how small the expected number of background events should be? I...
  35. R

    I Relationship between Pileup and inelastic collision events

    I've read some stuff on pileup.In one paper, it says the number of inelastic event approximately equals pileup event in detector.I don't quitely understand it.Can someone explain?Thanks
  36. M

    MHB Need help with probability question. probability of dependent events.

    Would like to know what method, or distribution to use when solving a problem like this:I start from level 0. There is a probability p chance to drop to level -1 and a (1-p) chance to increase to level 1. The levels range from level -n to level n. When it reaches level -n or level n, it resets...
  37. RodolfoM

    Relativity - Time between events

    Firstly, I calculated the relative speed between the two rockets, finding v=1.6c/1.64. Then, I applied the length contraction: the length of the moving rocket will be 0.6L due to this phenomena, so the total distance traveled by one rocket, with respect to the the other, will be 1.6L. Therefore...
  38. S

    MHB Probability calculation of dependent events with limitations

    Dear forum, First time posting and as English is not my native language, I'd like to apologize in advance for any linguistic errors I make. Yesterday, I received a case which sounded really easy to calculate but for some reason I can't get my head around it. This is the case: In a shipping...
  39. P

    I Do These Probability Conditions Imply Independence of Events A, B, and C?

    Hello everyone. Let us consider 3 events A,B,C such that: $$P((A \cap B )\cup C)=P(A)*P(B)*P(C)$$ Notice that the second term is a union and not an intersection. Are they independent? And what if the assumption was: $$P(A \cap( B \cup C))=P(A)*P(B)*P(C)$$? I know that the independence condition...
  40. S

    MHB Confused About Mutual Exclusivity with More Than Two Events

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forums, but I figured that questions about mutually exclusive events are relevant to probability. My current understanding: Two events are mutually exclusive if both events cannot occur at the same time. In other words, two events are mutually...
  41. P

    I Coordinate time between spatially separated events in Schwarzschild spacetime

    Edit: I'm leaving the original post as is, but after discussion I'm not confused over coordinate time having a physical meaning. I was confused over a particular use of a coordinate time difference to solve a problem, in which a particular coordinate time interval for a particular choice of...
  42. berkeman

    Nice idea to make it easier to take autistic children to public events

    This is an interesting story. I have a couple of friends with kids who need to wear quieting earphones in most public situations, and this seems like a nice way to help families be able to broaden the events that they can attend together. It will be interesting to see if it catches on as a...
  43. R

    Stargazing On asteroids and impact events

    1. Which organization or group of organizations is it the responsibility of to detect and track worrisome asteroids? I believe NASA and the USAF track such bodies if I'm not mistaken, but how many others are there? Who is "best" at it, or most relied-upon for spotting and cataloging them? 2...
  44. O

    I What Are the Odds that Two Random Events Occur at the Same Time?

    Suppose someone randomly went to Starbucks Monday thru Saturday between 8:00 AM and 10:AM. Suppose one Tuesday in May they purchased a drink and the credit card transaction occurred at 9:14:12 AM. What are the odds that person could randomly return on a Wednesday in July and purchase a drink...
  45. benorin

    B The probability that two or more of six events occur with known chances

    I have six events with known probabilities ##p_1, ..., p_6##. Find the probability of two or more of these events occurring together? I can't think of a clever way to calculate this without using the problematic "or" is addition rule, but using that rule I get the required probability is P(2 or...
  46. R

    I Spacetime and Events in (x,y,z,t)

    The dude in this video appears to say that "space" (ie a coordinate system that does not involve time ) describes where an event happened but not when. To describe when and where an event happened you need both space and time so if I don't care "when" an event took place, only "where"...
  47. F

    Probability of three events occurring

    A questionnaire survey on the use of SNS was conducted for students at A University. As a result, we got the following: ##55\%## using Twitter , ##53\%## using Facebook , ##20\%## using Twitter and facebook both, ##19\%## use both Facebook and Instagram. ##76\%## use at least Twitter and...
  48. jim mcnamara

    Early moment detection that marks the start of massive tremor events

    Popular science: https://phys.org/news/2019-05-scientists-early-moment-megaquake.html https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/5/eaav2032 Image courtesy University of Oregon. 15 seconds into a massive event, there is data to support the concept of a warning of a coming massive event. Data...
  49. Celso

    Required speed for two events to be simultaneous

    I'm doing some exercises about special relativity and one of them asks to find the speed in an arbitrary frame of reference (1) in such a way that it perceives two events at the same time that didn't happen simultaneously in other frame of reference(2). Is it correct to state that if the...