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I recently joined myyearbook so that I could hit on hypatia without getting into trouble. I noticed that everyone plays mp3 on their homepage. I decided to go ahead and upload something too. I've got 12 Richard Feynman lectures. The first six were titled six easy pieces. the next six were six not so easy pieces. the first six I have in ogg format and it was taking too long to split them and change the format so I didn't upload them and I started with lecture number 7 "Vectors" It takes so long to upload that I've only uploaded the one lecture, but for everyone who thinks Feynman is cool here's your chance to hear what he sounded like. You'll have to join my yearbook to listen to it, but its free. Its a pain in the butt, but its free.

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Dude, the hotties are gonna be all over you. It'll be like an Axe Body Spray commercial.

[Just kidding, I didn't want to go through the sign-up process. But thanks for offering the link]
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what the heck is that? another myspace/facebook hybrid?
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ohh goody! I'm gonna go listen to him!