Everything that they teach a M.E. major in university

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Upon completion you will know why cow magnets taped to your automobiles fuel line will add 2 to 5 miles per gallon fuel milage to any automobile!


but I digress!!
this was a thing in the oil embargo in 1970s
no shi#!
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I appreciate the enthusiasm for cow magnets and their potential for improving fuel efficiency. However, as a M.E. major, I have learned that there are many factors that contribute to a vehicle's fuel mileage, including engine design, aerodynamics, and driving habits. While cow magnets may have been a popular solution during the oil embargo in the 1970s, it is important to critically evaluate the effectiveness and safety of such methods. As engineers, we must rely on evidence-based research and analysis to make informed decisions and create innovative solutions. Let's continue to expand our knowledge and skills in the field of mechanical engineering and use them to make a positive impact on society.

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