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Homework Help: Examples of Innovative Product that is Frugal

  1. Nov 21, 2016 #1
    • Poster has been reminded to post all schoolwork-type questions in the HH forums
    Hi! we are currently conducting our feasibility study and we're given a theme: FRUGAL INNOVATION (Doing more with less resources). we needed a product that is marketable but also have a relevance to the society (can help solve problems often faced by people e.g. traffic, pollution, crime, etc..). we are having a hard time deciding on what product we will do so please give us some of your ideas.

    A lot of thanks!

    NOTE: the product must haven't been invented yet.
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    Since this is your schoolwork project, please tell us some of the ideas you have been exploring. What ideas have you and your group brainstormed so far? :smile:
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    If you are having problems deciding that suggests you already have a lot of equally good ideas?
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