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Excel Histogram How does it calculate bin width

  1. Feb 6, 2010 #1
    Hey people,

    I am trying to write my own histogram making code since the Excel one sucks IMO. I am having some trouble thinking the whole bin 'width' thing through though.
    I plan on using the formula

    number of bins = k = 1.87(N - 1)0.40 + 1 ​

    Then I was going to figure out the bin width as

    [tex]\frac{[MAX(data ) - MIN(data )]}{k}[/tex]​

    This will get me in the ball park, but it will result in bin widths that are sloppy like 1.111 - 2.222 and the like. They should be sensible intervals like: 0 - 10, 10 - 20... etc or 0.10 - 0.12, 0.12 - 0.14...etc
    Anyone care to brainstorm on me with this? I was thinking I could do some sort of test on the data set to determine what decimal place the bin width needs to go out to.

    Hopefully someone can decipher what I am talking about here and wants to jump on board! :smile:
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    Any thoughts :smile:
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