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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993, and it has replaced Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets. Excel forms part of the Microsoft Office suite of software.

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  1. H

    How to do a finite series in Excel in one row?

    I totally forgot how to do this (it's been a long while). I'm thinking it was "=sumproduct" feature? Anyway I'm trying to find the sum of cuberoot(exp(sin(arctan(3x^2+2x-3))))) from x=1 to x=1,000,000 in excel. I believe you input ranges for the variable x. I'm not sure. I accidentally deleted...
  2. F

    I Error bars in Excel (standard deviation, standard error, percentage)

    Hello, I was working in excel on data reported in two columns, X data and Y data. I measured both X and Y, i.e. Y was not calculated using a function and the X data. The Y an X data was plotted as Y vs X using a scatterplot. The Excel graph offers the option to add error bars over each point...
  3. DaveC426913

    Unexpected behavior in Excel when sorting

    I'm trying to sort this sheet in Excel. I want to sort it on Column D. I select the entire page by clicking the black arrow in the upper left corner: Now I Data > Sort which brings up a dialogue where I specify the column I want to sort by : (I can already tell there may be a problem -...
  4. Shan9

    Calculate the Demand for ground support services for an airline

    I am not sure, If I really understand the Question. This is what I have done so : pax inbound + outbound = total total/trip no inbound 225/110 = 2,04 -> is the first row
  5. berkeman

    Fixing Annoying Word/Excel Windows Problem

    This has bugged me for a while, so I finally was trying to figure out how to disable this "feature" today. But Microsoft Help and Google haven't led to any fixes yet. If I have a Word file open and minimize it, and then open another Word file, the first file window also pops back up and ends...
  6. Leo_Chau_430

    Comp Sci Automatic Market Research Program

    I was given an Excel that contains a list of products, my teacher would like us to scrap through the website hktvmall.com to find respective similar products and list out their prices and description. FYI:
  7. Leo_Chau_430

    Excel Web Scraping Program

    My code is as follow: import pandas as pd from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests import os url = 'https://www.goodschool.hk/ss' response = requests.get(url) html = response.content soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser') school_items = soup.find_all('div', {'class'...
  8. N

    Weird barometric formula experiment results in Excel

    Hi, as I know the barometric formula is an exponential equation, but when I did the experiment with a barometer at different heights and inserted these results in Excel for curve fitting, it showed a weird thing, I think. So exponential equation did show that R^2=0.942 and the second-degree...
  9. M

    Microsoft Excel background grid color default reverts

    Basically, microsoft excel always has white background cells, and I'd like it to be a different color. Here's what I've tried: I configured the below registry value in my Windows 11 user profile to change the default window color from 255 255 255 (i.e. white) to 192 192 192 (i.e. a not so...
  10. berkeman

    Should Excel macros self-adjust when you delete lines above the affected cells?

    I just wanted to check to see if this is a known problem, or if my issue is more likely related to something different. I have an Excel spreadsheet that has a number of lines with comments and other information at the top, and then a matrix of cells below that on several rows. I had some Excel...
  11. Supershandy

    I Help with Kubelka Munk equations in Excel

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to do a Kubelka Munk equation for paint samples and would like to do the calculation in Excel first before moving it over to a programming language outside of MATLAB. I have Spectroscopic scans of the samples and put them into a database where the K/S values have been...
  12. DaveC426913

    Open Office Calc (Ersatz Excel) formula

    I want a column that displays what standing each team has. (I can't really Google a solution because I don't even know what to call it.) This the idea: - team 1 is "1st", - teams 3 and 10 are "2nd", - team 5 is 3rd, etc.: I can't think of a way of doing it that isn't very complex...
  13. chwala

    Data transfer from MS Excel to PSPP

    Homework Statement:: See attached Relevant Equations:: analysis stats Find below a sample of the data that i want to import onto spss; My intention is to have the data appearing as one variable only on PSPP. This is how it appears on PSPP; It defaults as 5 variables, ...i used comma...
  14. W

    Removing "Foreign" objects from Excel notebook file?

    Hi, I'm having trouble dealing a "picture-like" object that I copied from a webpage (.html) file. It is the larger white rectangle in rows 194-195, that reads "United StatesStates" It just doesn't go away when I delet the the row. I tried to scrape the file directly into Excel from the site ...
  15. stuartsjg

    I Compressible choked gas flow through an orifice -- Excel formula

    Hello, I normally get these things working but I am a bit stuck as i don't feel I am getting sensible answers... The problem is simple (!): Q: Model the flow through an orifice with an upstream/supply pressure of 301BarA where the downstream pressure is in the range 1BarA to 301BarA. The...
  16. P

    Excel Fomula Help - CFM/ft into L/S/M

    Hello, I am struggling to create a formula in excel that coverts CFM per linear foot to liters per second per linear meter. Thank you for your valued help.
  17. Q

    How to disable access to old data with newest version of software?

    Here are two examples: 1. Microsoft Excel. If you buy the newest version of Microsoft Office, it is able to open and read all files that were created with the older versions of Microsoft Office. Let's say that I have an older version of Microsoft Excel and I create some files with it. Later...
  18. S

    I want to interpolate two values in Excel

    Summary:: Interpolation Hi, I want to interpolate two values in Excel. The first value is in cell "A1" and has the value "0". The second value is in cell "A20" and has the value "1". I now want to interpolate the values in cells "A2" to "A19" in such a way that a linear straight line is...
  19. nomadreid

    "Allow editing" absent in sent EXCEL file

    I am showing a school pupil (over the Internet) how to use EXCEL. He can work with an EXCEL file that he opens himself (on a free version of Microsoft office). However, when I send him a file (either one I opened on my computer or even one that he sent me and I send back to him), he finds that...
  20. DnA 9413

    Writing: Input Wanted How to model Eccentricity, Obliquity and Recession in Excel

    Hi Everyone, I'm writing a sci-fi book that looks at humanity's response to the end of life on Earth and their voyage to a new home. The first part of the book is how a large mass of dark matter in the relative vicinity of Earth (50 light years?) starts the process of extending the...
  21. Username600

    Help with Creating An Excel Line Graph

    -------------------------------- Hi, just some backstory: My mom and my brother Rob, both loaned me some money in August 2020. They each loaned me $1000.00. I decided to use excel spreadsheet to keep track of my progress paying them both back. Okay so here is the data table I created; as you...
  22. mingyz0403

    Engineering Graphing Shear and Moment using singuarity function in Excel

    I had found the singuarity function for the shear and moment. I have a hard time calculating the singuarity function and graphing it using excel. Can anyone explain how to calculate singuarity function and graphing it using excel? Many thanks for your help
  23. M

    B Exponential formula for Excel sheet

    Hello, i am testing batteries for a project of mine. I first measure the voltage on the battery (OCV, Open Circuit Voltage), and then i place a load resistor over the battery. This results in a voltage drop with a exponential decrease in voltage like in the image. But i am working with a...
  24. Z

    Creating a Graph using MS Excel -- help with a couple problems please

    Hi, I want to create a graph from the following data. The data is related to 3 different computers but the fields are same: Please provide me the steps. Garph1 BS CPU Percentage 12 Memory Usage 15773696 sdiskusage total 9.82901E+11 sdiskusage used 1.41429E+11 sdisk usage free 7.91472E+11...
  25. nomadreid

    Excel Date Formats: Solving Ambiguity Problems

    The summary is complete to describe the problem, but to forestall the solution to either (a) leave the Category : "number" and just type what I want, or (b) put the Type as "English(United States)" and type 3/4/2019, I mention why these solutions would create difficulties: a person to whom I...
  26. W

    Excel: Need to Edit Activate Add-Ins Each time I use Them

    Hi All, I am doing a linear regression in Excel 2007. It is not available within the usual settings so I must. Edit: activate , an add-in called (Duh) Edit' Analysis Toolpak' What seems strange is that I have to install it each time I use it so that it seems to be installed only when the...
  27. gareth-hayter

    What engineering and math features is Excel missing?

    Hi All Background I'm nearing the end of development of an Excel add-in (commercial) which adds new engineering and math features to Excel. I'd like to have a discussion with people that use Excel on a daily basis to ensure that the product adds true value and meets their needs and desires by...
  28. MarkFL

    MHB Excel Question (asking for a friend)

    Hello All! (Wave) A friend on another site reached out to me with a question regarding using Excel. I told him I know nothing about it, but that I could probably find someone who does. Here is his question: Thanks for any help! :D
  29. W

    #HREF Issues in Excel 2007

    Hi all, I am having #HREF! issues in Excel 2007 when copying formula-based data from one sheet to another. The suggested solutions online are not working. I understand what the issue is: when copying from one sheet to another, Excel is trying to use data from the previous sheet, sheet_j...
  30. J

    I ODE in Excel Calculus Add-In

    I am attempting to solve an ODE using a Calculus add-in for Excel. I am an industry professional and I have not even thought about Differential Equations in 8 years. The equation that I am attempting to solve is in the form: (1) The ODE solver that I am using solves equations of the form...
  31. SamRoss

    Why is Excel telling me the GCD of 1.13*100 and 100 is 4?

    In Microsoft Excel, if I type in the formula =GCD(113,100) then it gives me the correct answer of 1. However, if I type in =GCD(1.13*100,100), which means the same thing, it tells me 4. What's going on and how can I fix it? Thanks
  32. H

    Extracting data from a spectrometer to Excel

    Good morning, I used the Laser beam with HR4000 spectrometer with Ocean View software when saving the files it is saved by (.ocv) format. when trying to extract information to excel I get some unreadable data like (bkg thin sheet gel.png) attached. I used the same instrument and software with...
  33. Z

    Java .xlsx Excel files in Java: Sheet & Workbook error

    Hi, I am trying to access Excel Sheet .xlsx files in Java. I have tried various options available from internet. My program is using following jar files: poi-ooxml-3.5-beta4.jar, openxml4j-1.0-beta.jar I have done following imports: import java.io.*; import java.io.File; //import...
  34. B

    B Maximize Happiness: Find Values of Expenses for Maximum Present Value

    Hi all. I was bored so I created the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JkJFoNsLOeHPXjhF2ei9iMjSFwupyYWjfOgzbbK-EBM/edit#gid=911477072 I'm currently having some trouble with this. I want to find the values of expenditures for each year such that the happiness present...
  35. I

    MHB How to use the RATE function in Excel ?

    Hello :) I was given this task: A quarterly deposit is €700 in 4.5 years, and the accumulated value is €13,600. What is the value of annual interest rate? And I would apply this formula: S = [((1+i)n - 1) / i] ∙ R €13,600 = [((1+i)18 - 1) / i] ∙ €700 To find out the annual interest rate...
  36. K

    Plotting the waveforms of the harmonic components

    Homework Statement Hello everyone, I am currently experiencing a problem plotting harmonics in Excel. I'm only able to plot the fundamental wave properly, I can't figure out how to plot the 3rd and 5th harmonic as they have a different frequency. Can you point me in the right direction...
  37. W

    "Lost" Content in Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi All, I somehow cannot see the content of an Excel data file; please see bottom of document listing average of 34133, count of 11199, etc. Yet the data is for some reason I can't figure out, not visible/available. This Excel 2010. EDIT: The saved file has 329KB of data. But only that which...
  38. dRic2

    Excel Graph Help: Plotting Experimental Data with Theoretical Model in One Graph

    I have a set of n point (x, y) of experimental data and a function y=f(x) which is the theoretical model. I want to plot them in the same graph and see the difference. My problem is that f(x) has to be a continuous line while my n point has be just dots. I need to get something like this: I...
  39. Josh chips

    Plot compound parabolic concentrator in Excel

    I have the winston equations for the cpc but i am having problems getting the exact shape of a symmetric compound parabolic concentrator in excel Help me with the corrections in terms of the width 2a =10 and half acceptance angle of 30 dg please
  40. scottdave

    Python Interesting article how to use Pandas with Excel sheets

    I came across this article about using Pandas in Python to read in a multi-tab spreadsheet to Python, and work with the data then write back to an Excel spreadsheet...
  41. M

    Kinetic Energy Equations in MS Excel

    Homework Statement I am having trouble with Microsoft Excel formulas to obtain the correct data for Kinetic Energy 2 initial, KE1 final, KE2f, KEi, KEf, total KE and total KE% Homework Equations Microsoft office uses equations such as =(A2+B2) and I need to determine what is the appropriate...
  42. B

    LaTeX Putting Excel graph into LaTeX

    Let me preface this by saying I am reasonably intelligent overall, but I'm a complete idiot when it comes to computers and technology. I've been trying for hours to put a graph onto LaTeX for a physics labs, but I'm getting nowhere and very frustrated. I've tried to follow guides online, but...
  43. H

    Two parallel opposed Co-60 Gamma Ray beams in Excel

    Hi everyone, I have this question about POP. Assume a patient separation of 20cm. Using data for 6MV , FS 10x10 cm, plot the depth dose for one beam at 2 cm intervals. Include on your plot the dose at dmax and the dose at 20-dmax. On the same graph repeat this for the opposed beam. Now plot the...
  44. W

    Ratio of Fields from Different Sheets in Excel Pivot

    Hi All, I want to compute the ratio of two fields A,B from different sheets ( same workbook) , using Pivot ( tho "straight" Excel will do*). I tried using the Wizard, but , in the end, could not find a way of doing it: Any ideas, please? *I scewed big when trying this.
  45. W

    Equivalent to Joining tables (SQL) in Excel?

    Hi All, Sorry if this seems pretty lost. I want to compute an expression of the type A/B with data given in different sheets, i.e., A is given in sheet i and b is given in sheet j. Now, I know that in SQL Server ( SQL in general), one can join tables. Is there a similar way of getting data...
  46. Steven Ellet

    Rapid data retrieval from Excel (or similar)

    I have a spreadsheet with quite a bit of information. This spreadsheet is designed to encode words and create a encrypted message. Unfortunately, the process of coding and decoding is long and tedious. I am looking for a way to make this process quick (depending upon message length) and easy...
  47. Hi Im Paul

    Graphing Data in Excel: Error Bar Confusion

    I'm currently writing a paper over an experiment I did for class and I have a very stupid question over I need clarification on before I continue. I am using excel to graph out data, and I have determined that the error in my Length is .001 m. However, I am graphing the inverse of length to...
  48. W

    Excel: Inserting many Horizontal rows in same Cell

    Hi all, I have been trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to insert many horizontal rows into the same cell in Excel: I have gone over many sites, asked people, all sorts of key combinations, without success. Any ideas you know work, please? Thanks.