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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993, and it has replaced Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets. Excel forms part of the Microsoft Office suite of software.

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  1. NODARman

    Weird barometric formula experiment results in Excel

    Hi, as I know the barometric formula is an exponential equation, but when I did the experiment with a barometer at different heights and inserted these results in Excel for curve fitting, it showed a weird thing, I think. So exponential equation did show that R^2=0.942 and the second-degree...
  2. stuartsjg

    I Compressible choked gas flow through an orifice -- Excel formula

    Hello, I normally get these things working but I am a bit stuck as i don't feel I am getting sensible answers... The problem is simple (!): Q: Model the flow through an orifice with an upstream/supply pressure of 301BarA where the downstream pressure is in the range 1BarA to 301BarA. The...
  3. Q

    How to disable access to old data with newest version of software?

    Here are two examples: 1. Microsoft Excel. If you buy the newest version of Microsoft Office, it is able to open and read all files that were created with the older versions of Microsoft Office. Let's say that I have an older version of Microsoft Excel and I create some files with it. Later...
  4. Username600

    Help with Creating An Excel Line Graph

    -------------------------------- Hi, just some backstory: My mom and my brother Rob, both loaned me some money in August 2020. They each loaned me $1000.00. I decided to use excel spreadsheet to keep track of my progress paying them both back. Okay so here is the data table I created; as you...
  5. B

    B Maximize happiness

    Hi all. I was bored so I created the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JkJFoNsLOeHPXjhF2ei9iMjSFwupyYWjfOgzbbK-EBM/edit#gid=911477072 I'm currently having some trouble with this. I want to find the values of expenditures for each year such that the happiness present...
  6. K

    Plotting the waveforms of the harmonic components

    Homework Statement Hello everyone, I am currently experiencing a problem plotting harmonics in Excel. I'm only able to plot the fundamental wave properly, I can't figure out how to plot the 3rd and 5th harmonic as they have a different frequency. Can you point me in the right direction...
  7. W

    "Lost" Content in Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi All, I somehow cannot see the content of an Excel data file; please see bottom of document listing average of 34133, count of 11199, etc. Yet the data is for some reason I can't figure out, not visible/available. This Excel 2010. EDIT: The saved file has 329KB of data. But only that which...
  8. scottdave

    Python Interesting article how to use Pandas with Excel sheets

    I came across this article about using Pandas in Python to read in a multi-tab spreadsheet to Python, and work with the data then write back to an Excel spreadsheet...
  9. Hi Im Paul

    Excel Error Bars

    I'm currently writing a paper over an experiment I did for class and I have a very stupid question over I need clarification on before I continue. I am using excel to graph out data, and I have determined that the error in my Length is .001 m. However, I am graphing the inverse of length to...
  10. W

    Excel: Inserting many Horizontal rows in same Cell

    Hi all, I have been trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to insert many horizontal rows into the same cell in Excel: I have gone over many sites, asked people, all sorts of key combinations, without success. Any ideas you know work, please? Thanks.
  11. A

    Graphic in excel for practicum

    Homework Statement So I have to make three charts for the measurments that we made in class (physics experiments but it's not important). The first one had to be with a linear trendline, the second one with a exponential and the third one with a logarithmic trendline. For some reason the last...
  12. B

    B Why is the %change of the %change of a sequence so chaotic?

    Take the sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... If you found the percent change for each interval and kept on finding the percent change of the percent change of the sequence, why does the change become more and more chaotic? Here is a quick table I made...
  13. jmex

    A little help in programming docx to Excel

    Hello all, i don't have much knowledge about programming so i googled about fetching datas from docx to excel and it showed can be done by VB. I see under developer tab in excel and opened Macros where i can write programmes. Now i have many docx files in my folder and daily it is increased by...
  14. B

    How to do this with Excel

    How do I make excel to calculate 2 unknown from 2 equations like these a . x = 5 a. x^2 = 10 for example How do I do the setup?
  15. kelvin490

    MATLAB Append new columns into Excel

    I would like to ask how to use MATLAB to append new columns into existing excel file without altering the original data in the file? In my case I don't know the original number of columns and rows in the file and it is inefficient to open the files one by one and check in practice. Another...
  16. I

    Zoom and pan in MS Excel graph

    I have a lot pressure data (in CSV) taken over a long time and would like to dynamically zoom and pan to analyse the data. Any suggestions?
  17. B

    How to Combine Gradient Uncertainty with other Uncertainty?

    Homework Statement I did an experiment to measure the speed of sound(using two microphones and a hammer). I changed the distance between the two mics and calculated(using a fast timer) the time taken for the sound to reach from the start mic to the end mic. I made a graph(distance on x axis...
  18. phy9

    Excel formula for rounding a value & error

    I'm having a physics lab in which a report needs to be submitted after an experiment. The experiment includes many measurements: values with their errors. I need to round the error up to 2 significant digits, and then to round the value up to to the amount of digits that the error is presented...
  19. Steven Ellet

    Excel data return

    If I want to lookup row 3 column "amz" and the end result will be side by side, how do i do that Example: a=.4 m=.91 z=.22 input; amz output: .4.91.22
  20. J

    Graphing stress-strain plots on excel

    1. I'm given time (s), extension (mm), tensile stress (mPa), and tensile strain (%) in a table. I'm supposed to graph it on excel, but my graphs don't look at all like a stress-strain graph. 2. I think it's probably because I'm using tensile stress or strain? Or is it an excel error I'm doing...
  21. 24forChromium

    Excel: Entering empty cells with function

    How can I set up a function with an if command such that it only copies values greater than zero from another column while leave the rest of the cells empty (not zero)?
  22. 24forChromium

    Tricks with Excel?

    I should probably be asking Excel's programmers, but I have been lucky in this forum lately; here is what I got going on: I have a data table composed of two variables: time and angular velocity of a particle around a centre point. Time is just 0.0, 0.1, 0.2 (in seconds) and so on. Angular...
  23. saurabh anand

    ANSYS -- use of Excel

    Hello all, I am a new user to Ansys. I am currently using it for fracture mechanics analysis to calculate the stress intensity factor(SIF). I am supposed to calculate the SIF for different force applied to my model. The forces are on an excel sheet. Is there some way I could link this excel...
  24. C

    Generating Colour in Excel Cells

    Im trying to colour excel cells using (r,g,b) values. I understand its possible to do this through macros or through custom functions. Any suggestions / solutions?
  25. W

    MATLAB Converting Excel formulae into Matlab code

    Hi everyone, I will start off by saying that I am a complete novice in Matlab and prefer to use Excel however the data that I have requires more computing power than Excel can provide. I have 16 sets of data with over 70,000 rows and 9 columns. The first column is a time series separated into...
  26. M

    Question about finding electric field using slope on excel

    Homework Statement I have a list of data, positions and measured voltages at each position. As part of my lab analysis I have to find the electric field at each position. I know that the slope of a potential versus distance plot is the electric field, but I have no clue how to find not the...
  27. E

    I with Excel

    Hi, I need help to add an exponential trendline on my graph. I have three graphs and I have succeeded with the first one but somehow the exponential trendline will not show on the two other graphs even though I have selected the option multiple times. I also tried to re-do the graph in a new...
  28. L

    Excel's Power trendline formula?

    Can you please tell me what MS Excel uses to find a Power trendline? I have been experiment with data from my PunchBot project and it seems the Power Trendline fits the best. The plan is the used the data from my machine (an array of time intervals) to find the curve of the acceleration and...