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  1. Suyash Singh

    Width of milky way

    I was wondering that we always see the diameter of milky way but no one talks about its width. Even on google it is not there. This means that if I go up instead of forward then I would be out of milky in an instant?
  2. I

    Explain why this is correct (Optimization Problem)

    Homework Statement A piece of wire, 100 cm long, needs to be bent to form a rectangle. Determine the dimensions of a rectangle with the maximum area. Homework Equations P = 2(l+w) A = lw The Attempt at a Solution This is what I don't understand, the solutions that I saw from looking around...
  3. T

    Optimum gap size for diffraction

    Homework Statement Is diffraction at a maximum when the width of the gap is similar in length to the wavelength of the light? (ie. W ≈ λ, where w=width) Or is it a maximum when the width is smaller than the wavelength? (i.e W < λ) Thanks for the help! Homework Equations n/a (this is a...
  4. L

    How wide is the observable horizon, at sea level?

    I'm quite aware of how to compute how FAR you are from the horizon, but my question is, how WIDE is the observable horizon at sea level (like, from left to right, how many kilometers is this): [Broken]...
  5. A

    Calculation of the force exerted by a liquid

    Question: The height of the given vessel is h,and the width of the given vessel is b (as given in the diagram). The density of the liquid is r.Find the force exerted by the liquid on the slant wall. Relevant formulae : P = F/A F = Vdg An attempt at the solution...
  6. C

    X-Ray Diffraction peak width due to micro-strain

    I understand that the peak-width of diffraction data increases with increasing amounts of heterogeneous, localized (AKA "micro-") strain. So, if you have a single crystal with atomic impurities in it that each create micro-strain in the lattice, you would expect the amount of peak-broadening...