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Excel's solver like tool for Linux

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    Does anyone know about a tool like the Solver of Excel for linux?

    Of course it's possible to program one for each task with Maxima, though, it's pretty comfortable to use a generic existing tool like the Solver...

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    If we stick to similar tools as excel's solver openoffice has some solver add-ons which work with nonlinear eqs and it has a sort of a goal seek feature by default. Gnumeric being very similar to these 2 has a built in solver. KDE's office suite probably has something similar (? gnome man myself). And can install office using wine if want to "contaminate" your linux.
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    Thanks. I rather to stick to a similar tool, but it's not necessary. Everything that will be easier (and faster) then programming it for a specific problem each time in Maxima.

    Actually I tried OOo and gnumeric. Maybe I didn't operate it very well (though it's hard for me to believe it can be too much complicated), but it didn't succeed to solve even basic problems (like abs(exp(x)-1)), while I need it for more complicated problems (like Hohmann transfers).

    Anyhow, thanks a lot!
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    In Oo you can play around with different solvers via extensions, like http://kohei.us/ooo/solver/ got running on mine now (got a non-distro version of Oo 2.4 so that doesn't mess my install since it doesn't have a solver installed by default), one cool thing about Oo.
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    Nice! I didn't know about the solver plug-ins.
    I'll check it tomorrow (I have to install OO, my copy is from the distribution repositories...)
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