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Exhaust/Flue Gas Analysis & Calculations

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    Hi eveyone,

    I am working on project of designing a heat exhanger in order to recover heat from a exhaust of Stationary IC Engine producing power of about 2 MW. The fuel used for combustion is CNG. Most of the books I read, tells about the products that will be produced in exhaust after combustion occurs according to mass or volume.
    But I need to know the exhaust gas "temperature" of the products, which will be offcourse at the Inlet of HX that I will design.

    For simplicity at first, I want to narrow-down my calculations on Ideal basis i.e. that is I am ignoring the efficiencies and any thermal/mechanical losses of the equipments.

    Any kind of help in this regard is welcome. Suggestion Good books/softwares for Flue gas analysis is also appreciated.

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    Welcome to PF!

    The exhaust gas temperature to expect will depend upon the set-up of your IC engine... ie; lean vs rich - see;


    "Lean-burn Otto-cycle engines can achieve higher thermal efficiencies than stoichiometric Otto-cycle engines, at the expense of higher NOx and hydrocarbon emissions."

    Your engine manufacturer should have some useful data.

    As to the exchanger design itself, this type of equipment has been used off-shore for decades. The typical installation uses the exhaust of a turbine generator set to recycle glycol for NG drying use.

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