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Expansion of Banned Topics within forum Rules & Guidelines

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    Expansion of "Banned Topics" within forum Rules & Guidelines

    Is there a way for members to ask for a certain topic to be included in the list of quackery or crackpot topics at the end of the forum rules? I realize this might make more work for the staff, as they would have to audit each suggestion to see whether it should be added, but I think it would make for a more robust rules document.

    I also realize there are probably thousands of topics that could be included in the banned topic section, and many of them fall under the umbrella of topics already listed. However, explicitly stating a few of the more infamous/popular sub-topics might decrease the frequency, or the need, to moderate threads that were created out of ignorance or some personal crusade against Science.
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    Once, the mentors decided that we wouldn't make the banned topics list to be all-inclusive. We would just list some topics that show up a lot (like perpetual motion) and list that. In principle, every crackpottery that is not listed is still forbidden, but we don't list it explicitely since it doesn't come up much, or since it is obvious crackpotteryy.

    But if you have a suggestions, then you can go ahead and suggest something. We will certainly consider it. If you don't want to publically suggest it, then you can always report your thread and suggest it in there.
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    I understand. Thank you, micro.
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