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Experience god do we then gain knowledge of god?

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    ok i'm beginning to read a bit of kant... so what i understand is that we can only GAIN KNOWLEDGE by using concepts and applying it to experiences.

    it goes to say that we can not know god in this case because we can never experience god?

    a question someone asked me when i was discussing this though is if say love is a quality of a god and we experience god do we then gain knowledge of god?
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    Re: Kant

    Actually, experiencing love means that we gain knowledge of geology, since the deep principle behind stones is their near-unbreakability, just like the fact that love never dies. :smile:
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    Re: Kant

    lol well i'm assuming that was a sarcastic comparisson... but the thing is that love isn't a quality of being a rock right?
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    Re: Kant

    No one can be certain a rock is devoid of love. We can be fairly certain that rocks are devoid of life (in biological terms) and this cements (pun not intended) arildno's statement by pointing out that rocks have never lived, thusly they can never die.

    However, we are, by definition, living examples of how the evolution of minerals can result in a living rock.

    For your inquiry to go much further we have to define your terminology...

    for instance, define "god".... define "experience".... and define "knowledge" and "love". We can assume that there is an acceptable and objective definition of life already out there.
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    Re: Kant

    The problem here is that you are arbitrarily redefining "god" as "love", even though it adds nothing new to the concept of "love".
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    Re: Kant

    Oh this isn't a question I had my self. Just something someone else i was discussing Kant with brought up and I didn't know how to respond.

    My answer to this person was along the lines of Moridin, that 'love' doesn't mean 'god' so therefore if you experience love you do not experience god... I was just wondering what everyone here thought about th question cause i thought it was interesting.

    As well whether or not my understanding of Kants theory of knowledge is even correcting. I'm finding it quite difficult :P
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