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Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts (descriptive knowledge), skills (procedural knowledge), or objects (acquaintance knowledge). By most accounts, knowledge can be acquired in many different ways and from many sources, including but not limited to perception, reason, memory, testimony, scientific inquiry, education, and practice. The philosophical study of knowledge is called epistemology.
The term "knowledge" can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); formal or informal; systematic or particular. The philosopher Plato famously pointed out the need for a distinction between knowledge and true belief in the Theaetetus, leading many to attribute to him a definition of knowledge as "justified true belief". The difficulties with this definition raised by the Gettier problem have been the subject of extensive debate in epistemology for more than half a century.

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  1. T

    A science appreciator interested in getting in conversations

    Hiya! I spend most of my free time thinking about physics and concepts. I want to strengthen areas where my knowledge is weak as I do not learn or digest information linearly. This presents some problems when trying to digest mathematical concepts or I probably would have felt inclined to study...
  2. D

    How Can Physics Teachers Expand Their Knowledge?

    I am a physics teacher who is constantly seeking to widen the knowledge of physics .
  3. Hauzen

    I look forward to your kind cooperation :)

    Hi. I am Hauzen from South Korea. I came here to gain a lot of engineering knowledge from this forum. I want to be a competent engineer with a lot of your help. I look forward to your kind cooperation :)
  4. AW3Rgo0l

    Studying How much chemistry do I need to know as a theoretical physicist?

    How much chemistry do I need to know as a theoretical physicist in order for this knowledge to be sufficient for research in any field of theoretical physics? It is also interesting to know how difficult the transition from theoretical to experimental physics is? Do experimental physics require...
  5. fluidistic

    Zero K proof that a chess position contains a checkmate

    Hi people, It's been years I wanted to post this question here. I would like to build a zero knowledge proof that a given chess position contains at least one checkmate. I know that anything provable admits a zero k proof. I know about...
  6. DGX-1

    Can an Artist Impact Quantum Mechanics and Neurobiology?

    I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Daniel González Moreno, and I am writing to introduce myself as an independent researcher with a passion for knowledge and discovery. While my formal education may lie in the arts rather than the sciences, my fascination with the mysteries of the...
  7. U

    Can a mathematician solve high school physics tasks without physics knowledge?

    I find lots of my friends that are excellent at math but dont know physics , cant solve physics tasks. I think for physics is not enough to know math, you must understand concepts. Sometimes is harder tool(math), sometimes is harder concept. Here is video where Oxford mathematician solve...
  8. Ken_S

    What Drives the Quest to Uncover the Origins of Mass, Energy, Time, and Charge?

    Studying physics and related topics for 3 decades. Working on a project to better understand the origin of mass, energy, time and charge.
  9. florida23

    How can scientists share knowledge and promote learning?

    Happy to be here and spread some knowledge! Hoping to learn and teach as much as I can.
  10. Hak

    Discussion on the science-literature relationship and more

    I have long been gripped by an argument that I believe is profound, rooted in the science-literature dichotomy. It tends to favor one particular branch of knowledge, advocating an aut-aut (either pure science, or applied science) that devalues and demonizes the other. Unfortunately, in my...
  11. G

    What is rotational energy and how does it impact our world?

    Hello everyone, I am very new to the concept of advanced math and am looking to broaden my knowledge. I had sort of a vision involving the concept of swirling water and it has led me down the path of rotational energy. I am eager to learn more and contribute if possible in the future to the...
  12. H

    Trying to find a way to move forward

    Hello guys, I'm new here. Hope to gain knowledge and help others along the way. Thanks
  13. gleem

    Recommended Books for the Inquisitive or for the fun of it

    I started this thread since there doesn't seem to be one about books on various topics meant for the inquisitive but non-expert person. These books might fill small niches in one's knowledge of our world. Sometimes we find a book that is just a lot of fun. I just finished "A Short History of...
  14. warhammer

    Cracking Exams: Overcoming Knowledge Gaps for Intro QM

    Summary:: I understand the consensus on PF about studying for knowledge and not merely for "cracking Semester Exams" but I urge you all to go through below thread before attaching to that feeling in my case. Hi. So I have my Exams on Intro QM approaching very soon, which will be a combination...
  15. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Which knowledge are rules of thumb: Factual knowledge or heuristic?

    really confused at this. which is rule of thumb? some slides say heuristic is rule of thumb whereas others say factual knowledge is rule of thumb. the context of this is architecture/block diagram of expert system. i think heuristic knowledge should be called rule of thumb. but i am not sure.
  16. J

    Previously suppressed knowledge to control the masses

    I need in my story some examples of previous knowledges or technology that were once kept suppressed in order to control the masses. For example. Flour (to keep people dependent on fruits or vegetables or produce)? Electricity? concept of Pressure? What can you think of? In modern times...
  17. P

    A What knowledge is needed to understand modern QFT research?

    Hi all, I'm interested in the interplay between condensed matter and high energy theory. I'm a bit more than half-way through peskin and schroeder (done with part II, RG and critical phenomena). What I find out is that I'm still sorely lacking in ability to read any of the current research in...
  18. StevieTNZ

    Is Māori Knowledge Considered Science?

    https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/auckland-university-professor-resigns-over-letter-claiming-maori-knowledge-isnt-science/NF4CMOCYRJZGI5Y4DXACKKJU54/ I have not read the article in the magazine the Listener, but what are you views on this news article? If I can, I'll attempt to get ahold of the...
  19. N

    Courses Precalculus -- Updating my knowledge

    I have been going through the sections in my Ron Larson Precalculus textbook and find that at least for the first 5 or 6 chapters, I can answer a lot of the questions except for a few selective problems. I will post those problems moving forward. No sense in posting questions I already know how...
  20. B

    Electronic video clips that are not common knowledge, yet crucial

    How did you find PF?: Google Search 1) Have created YouTube video clips about electronics, cochlear implants, and Robert's Rules of Order => https://NDAcademy.FoxPing.com/. The electronics covers topics industry needs (zero theory). Starts at middle school grade level, ends at college level...
  21. J

    I Testing my knowledge of differential forms

    I am test my knowledge of differential forms and obviously I am missing something because I can't figure out where I am going wrong here: Let ##C## denote the positively oriented half-circle of radius ##r## parametrized by ##(x,y) = (r \cos t, r \sin t)## for ##t \in (0, \pi)##. The value of...
  22. Isaac0427

    I Confirming my knowledge on surface integrals

    Hi, I want to make sure my understanding of calculating surface integrals of vector fields is accurate. It was never presented this way in a textbook, but I put this together from pieces of knowledge. To my understanding, surface integrals can be calculated in four different ways (depending on...
  23. sysprog

    Anecdotes about situations wherein a little scientific knowledge paid off

    I'm hoping to see accounts of situations wherein a little (or maybe a lot) of scientific knowledge paid off. I'll start with one that's really basic, but in my view rather amusing. In the winter of '87 I was returning to Chicago, from DC where I'd been working on a USG contract (IBM mainframe...
  24. dipta

    Courses The Physics Papers I Can Understand: Tips for Limited Math Knowledge

    I want to understand most physics papers, but I don't have much time to learn every Math subject. When I was in college, I only took Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics. I can't understand many Physics papers that interest me.
  25. B

    Radial acceleration derivation with minimal knowledge

    Just started learning about uniform circular motion. I really don't understand how we get aΔt2/2 on the side. I also searched on the internet for a similar derivation, but there are none so simple. Thanks for your help! P.S There is a mistake in calculation in second line (textbook error).
  26. DifferentialGalois

    Studying How can I acquire physics and mathematics knowledge effectively?

    Greetings, I am a 12 year old who is vastly intrigued by the wonders of theoretical physics (experimental physics has not exactly been to my liking) as well the subtle art of mathematics. For the past six months, I have attempted to work my way up to mastering mathematical prerequisites required...
  27. L

    I "Knowledge" in Psi-Epistemic Interpretation Fundamental or Emergent?

    Is "Knowledge" in quantum Psi-Epistemic interpretation fundamental or emergent? And what does it mean? What do you think? https://backreaction.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-problem-with-quantum-measurements.html "One way to deal with the measurement problem is to argue that the wave-function does...
  28. cordless03

    B Finding Flaws in General Relativity: A Question of Knowledge

    This thread is supposed to be about finding flaws in General Relativity, but the way these people talk they sound like they have no real knowledge of GR. I was just curious if any of you guys could explain further.
  29. R

    B Does the Earth "really" revolve round the Sun?

    I think this question is important so posting it here. To cut a long story short there is a person in our country who is totally anti-science and anti-Western citilization. He says science is a big lie. < remainder of post deleted by moderator >
  30. T

    A Forgetting Non-GR Physics: How Specialists Can Stay Sharp

    I’m worried I’m going to get my PhD knowing GR but having a less-than-undergrad grasp on the other core topics like stat mech and QM. I feel like “forgetting” most of core physics makes me a bad physicist. Or is this normal when you specialize? How do y’all stay sharp on these topics?
  31. jamalkoiyess

    Studying How to fortify my physics knowledge

    I am currently a senior undergraduate majoring in both math and physics. This summer will be my only chance for a long vacation in three years since it is the only time that I am taking no courses. In this period of approx. three months I want to fortify my knowledge in physics and maybe math...
  32. Demystifier

    A Copenhagen: Restriction on knowledge or restriction on ontology?

    The title of this thread is motivated by frequent arguments I had with other members here, especially @DarMM and @vanhees71 . The so called "Copenhagen" interpretation of QM, known also as "standard" or "orthodox" interpretation, which is really a wide class of related but different...
  33. S

    Studying Minimal preliminary knowledge for a PhD in particle physics?

    Currently, I am doing a master in mathematical physics. I am interested in particles& field theory and want to apply a PhD in this field. But I am not sure whether I can... I just learned a little high energy physics from Griffth and Peskin' book on elementary particles and QFT. Recently, I...
  34. R

    Looking for Einstein quotes re: extent of his knowledge

    I've seen quotes by Einstein along the lines that he was well aware he didn't have all the answers, that his knowledge related to the workings of the universe was quite limited. Having trouble re-finding these quotes - looking to get pointed toward them. Thanks.
  35. majormuss

    Studying Daily Habits for improving Physics/Math Knowledge and skill

    Hi, I am a first-year graduate student in a physics phd program in the US, who is looking to adopt new habits that can directly help improve my physics/math knowledge and skills. I am not necessarily talking about memorizing math multiplication/division tricks etc. I am more interested...
  36. Technon

    Argument and your knowledge about it

    I wonder if people here generally have some knowledge about things like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_analogy If not, I suggest you read up on it. This topic discusses how you would go about when for example evaluating an analogy. See especially: So these three should be...
  37. nomadreid

    I Inconsistency versus lack of knowledge

    In traditional logic, a system is inconsistent if it can lead to a contradiction. Furthermore, if the inconsistency is non-explosive (not all consequences follow from the contradiction), then the system is paraconsistent. Both definitions fail to distinguish between the following two real-world...
  38. C

    Other Building up an understanding and knowledge from the ground up

    Are there any books or a sequence of books I could study to build up a picture of what I can know for sure and why I can know it? I suppose that's what some people do when they study a subject and move from the basic principles to further stuff. So like, has anybody started with the smallest...
  39. P

    THz Radiation, Antennas: Need background knowledge

    I want to use small molecular - preferably CNT - "antennas" to produce THz signals to monitor activity in biological systems. After some googling, I've been reading things like "absorption spectra", "energy bands", "spectroscopy", as well as a bunch of antenna-science related jargon... I need...
  40. W

    How is physics knowledge used in everyday life?

    We all know the question: why do I need to know this? I have been thinking recently about how to add relevance to my curriculum. What I am struggling to come to grips with is how knowing physics, the topics typically taught in a high school intro course, can be useful in everyday life. I am not...
  41. T

    Other What level of knowledge should a new PhD graduate have?

    Let's say I'm getting a PhD in an area of gravitational physics. Upon getting that diploma, what is expected of me in terms of knowledge of GR? I hope my question can be useful to other students in other concentrations, so substitute QFT, or condensed matter, or whatever. For example, is it...
  42. AlvisPrabhu

    Studying How to expand my knowledge in physics rapidly?

    It would be great if you can suggest books or ideas.thank you in advance.[emoji5] [emoji106]
  43. PseudoQuantum

    Studying How can I gain more science knowledge over the summer?

    Hi all who view this, I am currently a high school senior and I plan to go to a community college for my first two years of college study to try and find what I would like to major in before embarking on a certain major I may not even find all that interesting later on. I love science, but my...
  44. Posty McPostface

    How are some intelligent people so productive?

    In other words, is there some correlation between high intelligence and productivity? Is it related to creativity? I don't think I need to go into examples of famous people like Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Von Neumann, Gauss, Goethe, Aristotle/Plato, and the list goes on. One unifying theme that is...
  45. ISamson

    Resources to broaden knowledge of basic engineering

    Hello. On a family holiday which we came home from a few hours ago, our friend was a retired engineer and mechanic. In his house in the countryside he has built himself a cool motor bike (average mountain bike with motor), an electrical quad bike... He has a very big workshop where he has all...
  46. Q

    Which kind of knowledge is admired and practically useful?

    I was just wondering which kind of knowledge is admired and practically useful? Having indepth knowledge and to be an expert on a particular field or having knowledge across various topics? (prince of everything king of nothing)
  47. N

    Studying I want to learn a lot about science

    Hello. I'm not very good at reading, but I want to get better. I like science a lot, so, I want to maybe get some science books to enlarge my knowledge base and improve my reading capabilities. I'm looking for some recommendations for good science books. Some books I'm interested in: General...
  48. kyphysics

    Financial Knowledge All Adults Should Know?

    What financial wisdom, concepts, and knowledge do you feel all adults should know to be literate/functional/successful in society? :smile: If you have kids/will have kids, what would you want them to know by the time they enter the work force?
  49. Manoj Sahu

    Which is the best book for getting in-depth knowledge of Electrical Machines?

    Hi. I am preparing for IES (Indian Engineering Services ) exam. I have basic knowledge of electrical machines both ac and dc. For the examination point of view I need to have in depth knowledge of each and every topic in electrical machines (both ac and dc). Can you suggest me some really good...