Extra curricular activities while in math?

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In summary, the author from Australia does not think that student leadership roles at their freshman dorm will help them in their goal to obtain a PhD in math. However, they think that continuing to do the things they enjoy will be more beneficial in the long run.f
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So this is my first post in PF :)
I'm not from the US/Europe and I'm from (and studying) a country with a "bad science culture." (Can't find the words to describe) Yeah, and I'm currently a freshman taking up mathematics
So how bad? Well, I'm at the best university at the country and less than 10 physics major graduates each year and almost all the math majors head to actuarial science.
And even if my univ has the best math program in the country, only the required pure math courses are available. I've never met anyone taking up set theory or algebraic geom.
But the professors are great though, with almost all tenured profs having PhD from US/Japan/Germany.
And as a background, I came from the best high school in the country, excelled in math there, and actually won a national competition. And as of now, I have the best gen. weighted avg (GPA in US) in our class. So I think I have what it takes to do good in math.
But I have a dilemma.
I'm currently a student officer at the freshmen dorm, and to be honest, I'm a good leader. And some upperclassmen who are officers want me to take leadership roles too. Of course I want that :) I want to lead and do successful projects.
But the problem is, I think it is too time consuming. Right now I'm not bothered cause I'm only taking up single variable calculus + 4 humanities, but I fear that when I take up analysis and algebra, it will start to affect my grades.
I really want to obtain a PhD in pure/applied math, and I want to take it abroad, where the math program is more recognized/ offers more courses.
So will this student leadership stuff benefit me? And what are some tips on doing well on undergrad math, specially analysis and algebra? :)
Sorry for the long first post.

tl;dr I want to obtain a PhD in math. But I also want to do extra-curricular activities during my undergrad. Will that benefit me in my goal to get a PhD?
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No, it will not help you very much with respect to obtaining a PhD. But that's not necessarily a reason not to do the extra curricular things. You can't do math day in day out, it will be exhausting and you will burn out quite soon. Everybody needs some extra curricular things to change their mind from math all the time.

If you enjoy the activity, then do it!
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You from Australia Tvm44? ANU?
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Thanks micromass :) So I think I should continue doing what I like.

chiro, I'm not from Australia. I'm from the Philippines.

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