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Extract data from a huge file using matlab

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    extract data from a "huge" file using matlab

    hi guys,
    I need some help!
    I have a file(.txt) which concludes about 20,000 lines. There are not only number data but also letters and different characters in the file. I want to extract some certain useful data from this file and put them into a calculation program.

    could you guys please write a .m file for me?
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    Re: extract data from a "huge" file using matlab

    Matlab should handle this for you automatically. Locate the file in the Matlab file browser, right-click on it, and import it. A dialog will pop up that allows you to specify precisely how Matlab imports the data; as an added bonus, recent versions of Matlab also allow you to specify that it should automatically generate an M-file for the import, allowing you quickly to repeat the procedure on similar files without having to use the import dialog.
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