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  1. Wrichik Basu

    Python Most efficient way to randomly choose a word from a file with a list of words

    I have a file consisting of a bunch of words, with one word in each line. For example, consider this webpage, or this one, but instead of being online, there is a .txt file is locally on my PC. My aim is to pick a word at random from this list that starts with a specific given letter. Say I want...
  2. M

    MATLAB How do I write this chua oscillator to an audio file in matlab?

    hello i would like to ask how to write the solution of this matlab program to an audio file using the audio tool box or any other technique. thanks very much. function chua_oscillator %This program is computed by S.Sabarathinam %Based on: Nonlinear Dynamics: Integrability, Chaos and Patterns,by...
  3. W

    Shrinking file size for picture (.jpeg)

    Hi, So I submitted a picture , a .jpeg file, and, at 5.7 mb, I was told it's too large, I need to shrink it. Just how do I do that? I doubt I can zip it. Should I save it in a paint program? Any other idea? Edit: I guess it comes down to increasing the compression ratio. Just if it's simple...
  4. Islam Nabil

    I need an MCNP simulated APR1400 input file

    need a MCNP simulated APR1400 input file? which consists of lattice 16x16 inside a lattice 17x17 ??
  5. B

    Python How to resize and save a slice from a nii file as a PNG image in Python?

    Hello everyone, I have to extract a slice from a nii files and resize it with dimensions 256x256. Once this is done, I have to save it as a PNG image. This is my code: def img_from_nii(height, width, n_slice, label, in_path, temp_path): filenames = os.listdir(in_path) for i...
  6. Islam Nabil

    MCNP lattice of the fuel assembly input file?

    There is an input file for a simple 16 x 16 lattice fuel assembly. I have a message blocking the run of the code; "bad trouble in subroutine newcel of mcrun source particle no 1 random number 6647299061401 zero lattice element hit." What is wrong?
  7. Vanadium 50

    File System Improvements in a Half Century

    Triggered by the restore data from a deleted file thread, I was thinking about what improvements have been made in file systems in the last 50 or so years, What was not present in Multics or ITS or early unix..." I'm not talking about capacity limits. At the birth of the PC, one could have...
  8. jack action

    Can you restore data from a deleted file that was previously emptied?

    Say you have a large text file on your hard drive that you edit such that its content is fully erased and you save it that way. Then you delete the file. Is the content still on the hard drive? Usually, deleting a file only deletes the address where the file is on the hard drive and the content...
  9. Luizpo

    PTRAC File - MCNP - Multi-core computing

    Homework Statement:: PTRAC File - MCNP - Multi-core computing Relevant Equations:: No equations My name is Luiz. I am a postdoc at the institute of energy and nuclear research in São Paulo-Brazil. Our group models a cold neutron source (CNS) for the Brazilian multipurpose reactor project...
  10. emilmammadzada

    MCNP5 stopping power for input file

    Where can I find stopping power input file examples for mcnp5?
  11. Anyname Really

    Position pointer to specific line in a file

    I would like to read a specific line of a file. Everything I have seen does it by reading the file from the top, ignoring what is read until the line of interest is reached. Is it possible to move the pointer of the reader to the line directly, say by counting the number of line end sequences...
  12. H

    Need To Do Fancy Windows File Manipulation

    I have about one hundred folders. Each folder has both .jpg and .mp4 files. I want to delete all the .jpgs but not the .mp4s. I don't want to do each folder by hand. Does anyone know the Windows/DOS command that will do this. Just moving the files depending on file type is enough.
  13. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Data sharing in traditional file system vs dbms?

    I know data is decentralized in TFS. But how does that makes data sharing difficult? We've got distributed computing for the similar purpose on different machines as well. I read a lot on this but failed to find any information regarding why it was not possible to share data in TFS as compared...
  14. A

    PE (Portable Executable) file reading in C

    I need to read PE file. I need to search word in PE file. Search is required to cover only the sections with the “executable” flag. And I need to specify the section where the word found. How can I do this in C? I hope you can help me. And I cannot use 3rd party libraries. This is my task and...
  15. M

    Which factors of a PC determine the opening time of a program and a large file

    Hello. Would you please explain the factors that determines the opening time of a program or a big file. For example if you have a large excel file, why would you have a difficulty to open it, if it is very large? If it is in your PC's main storage, that is either HDD or SDD, is it reading...
  16. Bob Walance

    JavaScript How to associate several component events to one JavaScript file?

    I am creating a web page that will have several buttons on it. When a button is pressed it will play a tone or combination of tones. With the Google Web Designer application, I can create a simple page with one button on it. I'm able to associate the clicking of that button with "Custom Code"...
  17. hilbert2

    Python Monitoring a CSV file that is continuously updated

    Suppose some program writes its output into a CSV table and is adding new rows to it all the time. How would I write a Python or Bash script that monitors the last element of the last row of this CSV file in real time and makes a warning sound if it exceeds some limiting value? This would be...
  18. DaveC426913

    Raw genetic data: Plink and TPED file

    Well I just checked out my boy's breed of dog. Not what we expected...But the analysis came with some raw data, 200,000 base pairs on ... 41 chromosomes. They're in a .TPED file, which can be opened in Excel. Apparently, it an also be analyzed using PLINK software. Wondering what I can do to...
  19. M

    Import python list from .txt file into Mathematica

    Hi PF! I am trying to import k.txt file into Mathematica as a list of numbers. The k.txt looks like this: [5.315967917338153e-06, -3.204321972222162e-08, 3.6041782425371564e-09, -3.853442465663655e-08, 8.699510604529962e-07, -1.4284341965847237e-08, 2.855341882658808e-09...
  20. DaveC426913

    Dashcam is leaving file artifacts on SD card

    My Dashcam is telling me the memory card is full. It has done this a couple of times now over the last month or two. The SD card is a Class (10) 16Gb NEXXTech MicroSD (The class 10 relates to how fast it can record; the Dashcam requires at least a 6 or 8 or something. A 4 is too slow and it...
  21. C

    Possible casting issue in declaration of function in header file

    Hello all, see below for a snippet of a header file, class1.h, and source code file, class1.cpp, adjusted to reproduce the issue I am having. I have declared a series of functions in the .h file and their corresponding definitions in the .cpp file but when I compile I get the error...
  22. JD_PM

    How to open an STL Mesh file in Linux

    I am building up a mesh via defining a background mesh (using blockMesh) and snappyHexMesh I am dealing with the STL 2D Mesh surface (I cannot uploaded because PF doesn't accept zip files nor STL). My issue comes when I want to open it. When I run vi constant/triSurface/river.stl in the linux...
  23. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Hotspots in Google File System

    In Google File System,hotspots haven't been a major issue because our applications mostly read large multi chunk files sequentially. what it mean? hotspot-: region of computer program where a high proportion of executed instructions occur Lazy space...
  24. shivajikobardan

    MHB Exploring Hotspots in File Access: Large Multi-Chunk Files vs Smaller Ones

    hotspot-: region of computer program where a high proportion of executed instructions occur Lazy space allocation-:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18109582/what-is-lazy-space-allocation-in-google-file-system With lazy space allocation, the physical allocation of space is delayed as long as...
  25. F

    I How to change CSpice initial velocity from an Asteroid SPK file?

    Hello, I've made a SPK file for asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) with Horizon. I wan't to change the initial velocity with cspice, because I want to know where it will be in a future time at the speed changed. (now I'm using Newtons calc but is slow an error increases with time). This is for calculating...
  26. elcaro

    Storing program source as relations in a database instead of text file

    Almost all (compiled or interpreted) programming langues store the program source in the form of a series of bytes (using an encoding like ASCII or UTF-8) into a text file, enforcing the grammer of the programming language using a parser (as part of the compilation process or interpretation of...
  27. W

    Removing "Foreign" objects from Excel notebook file?

    Hi, I'm having trouble dealing a "picture-like" object that I copied from a webpage (.html) file. It is the larger white rectangle in rows 194-195, that reads "United StatesStates" It just doesn't go away when I delet the the row. I tried to scrape the file directly into Excel from the site ...
  28. SamRoss

    LaTeX Trouble using PythonTex variables in Latex file

    I'm using Visual Studio Code as my text editor. My ultimate goal is to use PythonTex in a Latex file so that I can generate multiple versions of the same worksheet for my class. As a test, I defined a variable myvar = "hi" but I can't get it to render correctly in the pdf when I use \py{myvar}...
  29. C

    PDB file using GAUSSIAN 16 optimization

    Hello There, I am studying docking of ligand molecules into DNA using Autodock Vina. Before doing that I optimize the ligand molecule using Gaussian 16. I want to know how can we get the PDB format after optimization. Do I just need to open the .chk file and save it as PDB format or do I need...
  30. nuclearsneke

    How to finally run an input file via VISED/MCNP5 without error?

    Howdy, my fellow nuclear colleagues! I am new to MCNP5 and currently I am trying to simulate something simple like a sphere of UO2 to calculate its critical size. Whenever I run my file via MCNP5 or Vised, I get an error message like bad trouble in subroutine pass1 of imcn...
  31. W

    Can't Open .ipynb file in Jupyter: Too Large

    Hi All, I may have asked this question earlier. Apologies if I did. I have a Python .ipynb file in a Jupyter Notebook whose size is 99.3 MB. Thing is most of it is not code: I wrote some code; specifically a loop incorrectly and it iterated way too many times. I saved the file, which...
  32. C

    Accessing class variables from .hpp file in the .cpp file

    Hi all, simple question but I cannot understand what is going wrong. I have a CLASS.hpp file of the form class CLASS { private: double varA = 5.; //some numerical value public: double func(double z); }; and then in the CLASS.cpp file I have a call to this function func()...
  33. Arman777

    Changing file icon via cmd or python script

    Is it possible to change the icon of a file via python or cmd in windows ? In my previous post I hava manage to change folder icon but I am not sure how to do that for files. Any ideas ?
  34. Arman777

    Encrypting file or folders via cmd/bat/vbscript codes

    I have some personal data then I want to encrypt however, I want to do it via some basic .vbs, cmd or .bat commands. Is there a way to do this and most importantly is there way to store the key via some personalized encryption method, so that I can open it whenever I want but someone else cant...
  35. B

    Troubleshooting Matrix File Uploads: Why Am I Getting Zeros?

    Hello everybody, I created this tamplet to upload a file matrix: #include <sstream> #include "fstream" #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <string> template<class T >std::istream& readMatrix(std::vector<std::vector<T>>& outputMatrix, std::istream& inStream) { if (inStream) {...
  36. nomadreid

    "Allow editing" absent in sent EXCEL file

    I am showing a school pupil (over the Internet) how to use EXCEL. He can work with an EXCEL file that he opens himself (on a free version of Microsoft office). However, when I send him a file (either one I opened on my computer or even one that he sent me and I send back to him), he finds that...
  37. dRic2

    Grep strings from a .txt file (linux/mac)

    I have a DATA.txt file which contains lots of useless info. I get the informations I want typing in my terminal grep freq DATA.txt and the output is the following: freq ( 1) = -0.193719 [THz] = -6.461768 [cm-1] freq ( 2) = -0.193719 [THz] = -6.461768 [cm-1]...
  38. N

    Fortran Having trouble when reading file using Fortran 90

    implicit none!do not use an undetermined constant character(len=18)::fname character(len=22)::fname_2 character(len=19)::fname_3 character(len=7)::yyyymmd character(len=1)::dash character(len=1)::d character(len=1)::f1 character(len=1)::f2 character(len=1)::f3 character(len=1)::f4...
  39. TimeSkip

    Steganographic Data File Searches

    <moved to General Discussion, posts that ask for thoughts are not hard science> Summary:: Soon? I've been thinking whether in the present time if not near future, or even already something common nowadays amongst intelligence agencies would be the use of steganographic data file searches...
  40. Arman777

    Python Running a Github File on VS code for windows 10- File system problem (

    I am doing a cosmological work and I need to run a code form this github page https://github.com/ja-vazquez/SimpleMC I download the whole repository as .zip file and I inserted into my desktop. Then I opened it through vs code and this is how it looks like The problem is that, when I run...
  41. D

    Java Read a csv file and process the data

    public static Region fromFile(String name, String file) { Region r = new Region(name); List<String> lines = readData(file); String[] headers = lines.remove(0).split(";"); Map<String, Integer> h2i = new HashMap<>(); for (int i=0; i<headers.length...
  42. DaveC426913

    Modern file backup options: cloud? / HD?

    I thought I had a long-term backup of my important stuff when I bought a 1Tb Seagate External Drive. It died and took years of projects and memories with it. Running Win10 on a laptop. I think there are three options: Another (better) external drive Some newfangled solid-state external drive...
  43. Wrichik Basu

    Help Ubuntu 20.04: File got corrupted when moving to external HDD

    I wanted to move one file from my laptop to an external HDD. Using the file manager, I started the move operation; and after it completed successfully, I unmounted the HDD. When I plugged the HDD to our Windows 7 desktop, I found that the file was corrupt! The 8 GB .mp4 file had reduced to 372...
  44. Arman777

    Python How to Write Python Output into an Excel CSV File?

    I have a code like from random import randint from string import ascii_lowercase file = open("data.txt", "w") numbers = [] for j in range(26): # generating a list of random number random_num = [randint(0, 7) for i in range(120)] numbers.append(random_num) # matching these numbers...
  45. Pooyannikeghbali

    Fortran Extract values from ASCII file in GIS by Fortran code

    I want to read values from the ASCII file of GIS by Fortran code. In GIS, an area has meshed. Each mesh has an individual value (e.g. velocity of water). Here is the website that shows how the ASCII file is working in GIS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esri_grid I want to know if anybody has...
  46. J

    C/C++ C++: Calling function in main.cpp from another .cpp file

    I am trying to call a function declared in a .hpp file and defined in the corresponding .cpp file, from my main.cpp file, but I keep getting an error. From what I have googled it seems as if I am doing this the right way, so I was hoping you guys could help out. Here's my code: #ifndef CHAP_HPP...
  47. M

    Linking files into a txt file?

    Is there anyway that pdf, html or any other type of files can be linked into a txt file? That is, I would like to click to a link in a txt that will open another file.
  48. dRic2

    How Do You Correctly Parse and Convert Strings to Numbers in Octave?

    Hi, I used to use MATLAB for this kind of thing, but now my pc broke and I need to run some scripts. I have a .txt file structured like this 10 -2.34454 12 -2.34566 14 -2.34677 ... ... and I want to store the data in two variables: the first is the "counting" (10, 12, ...) and the second is...
  49. Y

    Is this the way to create a new file?

    I am writing a program that I need to create a file the FIRST time the program is run, but not create one every time I run the program and NOT touch the data in the file if the file already exist. I know if the file does not exist, ios::in will not create the file, just give an error message...
  50. F

    What are some other dataset formats commonly used for large data?

    Hello, I am familiar with some of the popular dataset formats. For example, there are tabular dataset formats like CSV, TSV, xls (excel), JSON, html, etc. For relational datasets, an example is SQL. I guess regular folders work for unstructured data like emails and images. Is there any other...