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F1 control arms - Designed with downforce in mind or?

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    Are F1 control arms, upper/lower designed to supply an amount of downforce or just the ability to cut through the air with as little interferance as possible?

    I had seen a photo recent and it got me woundering. Maybe someone can explain

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    Ranger Mike

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    F1 rules

    Suspension and steering systems

    The suspension members must have a symmetrical profile for the majority of their length. This is to prevent designers using them as aerodynamic devices.
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    I imagine it would be pretty dangerous if you had a aerodynamic shape of any kind going up and down[though slight,suspension has limited movement] at 200 mph.I maybe wrong,but it just doesn't seem safe.
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    That's indeed what the regulations say. There are symmetric airfoils though ;)
    With this in mind I believe that a smart engineer can come up with a smart solution ;)
    (http://www.formula1.com/news/technical/2013/0/1042.html [Broken])
    Or is it totally forbidden for the suspension?
    Hmm, I think I should study the regulations in depth...
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