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Involuntary arm/body movements while in deep relaxation

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    Hello all! This is very bizarre and I haven't been able to find very much info on the matter - So I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this:
    From time to time, I have difficulty sleeping -So a friend of mine suggested I try listening to something for 'deep relaxation'. There was a bunch of these 'relaxation' recordings on YouTube so I gave it a shot.

    After a few minutes, I could actually feel my body start to relax, so I figured that this might be working... I remained relaxed, but after a few more minutes into this thing, I became aware that my arms were involuntarily moving in sync with one another- my head eventually began to move around as well....
    It all seemed like a pattern- My arms would go up in the air and would make a few circular clockwise motions (almost like a 'windup'), my head/neck would roll back and forth a few times, my arms would go through the motions again and then they would drop straight down... My whole body would go limp for a moment or two... Then the pattern would begin again..

    After about 10min of this, I turned it off because it freaked me out a little bit- but curiosity got the best of me and I tried it again a few days later - this time I used a completely different 'recording' for the relaxation session... I got the same results -the involuntary body movements. I don't think I was in a 'trance' because I was fully aware of the movements, but I just couldn't control them, (and I could also hear any outside noises in the room -like when the furnace kicked on, or the TV audio from the other room)
    This just has me a bit stumped!

    A little about the recordings: 1. they were basically just soothing sounds, like rain or ocean waves,, 2. both recordings had a bit of soothing music- it was basic, maybe like a low key/chord played on an organ 3. the 'authors' voice was soothing in tone, just speaking of 'relaxing' and letting bad energy go... I don't recall any type of strange dialect

    Not sure if this matters, but as a background of any other sleeping issues I've had- over the past few years, I have had sleep paralysis a handful of times, and on a few occasions, I have this very vivid sensation that I am 'stepping out' and hovering above my body (this usually happens right upon falling asleep)... I looked this up and people call it Astral Projection,, that sounds a bit unrealistic to me, so I chalk it up as vivid dreaming.
    And when I was younger, I would get this big/small sensation, like I am a small particle and everything seems so freakishly big around me.

    I am not sure if any of that plays into this current thing I am having with the involuntary body movements, but I am doing a sleep study in the next few months and hope to get some more answers there!

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this!
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We are not allowed to give diagnoses here, so it's great that you are doing the sleep study soon under the supervision of medical professionals. That's definitely the right way to look into what is going on. :smile:
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