Faith of Quantum Entanglement once it enters two different black holes

  1. If I observe two particles that are entangled enter two different blackholes and wait, will there eventually be 2 entangled photons radiating out of the black holes or do the black holes take posession of the entanglement as the 2 particles enter their respective black holes and said black holes stay entangled until one of them or both have totally evaporated regardless of what happened to the original "owners" of the entangled state?

    If the Black holes are entangled because of the original particles, what happens if one is bigger than the other? How can one of them evaporate quicker than the other one if they are entangled? Or perhaps, would the bigger one evaporate faster in order to "die" exactly at the same time as its entangled smaller blackhole? But then if one entered a supermassive black hole and the other a micro black hole with perhaps a trillion years difference in life expectency this would not make much sense...

    I could also be very wrong by believing that 2 entangled blackholes behave like 2 entangled particles (the entanglement). Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

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    There is no reason to think particles survive an encounter with a black hole
  4. I am not talking about the particles "surviving", I am talking about the entanglement of these two entangled particles entering the black holes. " the connection" between the two black holes.
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    What is the point of contemplating entanglement between particles that cease to exist?
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    Why would the 2 black holes be "connected" just because they absorbed two entangled particles?
  7. Well from the writtings of Leonard Susskind, 2 blackholes that would each absorb 1 of 2 particle entangled the black holes would then be entangled. Since I have no access to Susskind I tought I'd get an answer here.
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  8. actually there was an old theory of this with regards to the second law of thermodynamics. LOL not sure why I still had it in my collection of articles.

    see equation 12

    this article goes into some details as well

    However as far I know this model isn't particularly accepted, it was one of the older ideas related to information loss and entropy if I recall the details correctly

    This article goes into a bit abut the Black hole wars including Susskind's view points, which is different than the articles I posted
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  9. Thank you Mordred I'll get to reading it now. Perhaps it will enlighten me.
  10. lol good luck with that it didn't particularly enlighten me, the whole subject of the black hole wars to me made me felt like I was being sucked into one
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    Hmmm... I wonder what states the black holes would be entangled in?
  12. Hello guys I found some amazing information regarding my questions, here for you to have a look at it :

    ER=EPR ( very annoying audience )

    "General relativity contains solutions in which two distant black holes are connected through the interior via a wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen bridge. These solutions can be interpreted as maximally entangled states of two black holes that form a complex EPR pair. We suggest that similar bridges might be present for more general entangled states.
    In the case of entangled black holes one can formulate versions of the AMPS(S) paradoxes and resolve them. This suggests possible resolutions of the firewall paradoxes for more general situations."
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