Famous late-bloomer scientists

  1. Anyone know of any?
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    In what field in particular?
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  5. Any.
  6. HayleySarg

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  7. Of course, Witten is a legend! I thought he was in economics first though.
  8. HayleySarg

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    According to what I've read, and the wiki, he did his B.S in History (minor in linguistics). He did, however, drop out of Econ grad school.
  9. HayleySarg

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    He was 22 at the time of his HS degree, so his B.S was when he was in his mid 20's. He taught H.S math through his 30's.

    So while yes, he was involved, he wasn't doing anything too in-depth.

    Does this stem from curiosity, or personal comparison if I may ask?
  10. A little bit of both to be honest.
  11. George Jones

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    That cat person.
  12. Thanks.
  13. I've always felt that people who come late to the party almost never make it, and it's all they can do to hold their head above water. However, I was talking to this geophysicist girl last night about this and she made the point that a huge percentage of people start early, a very small percentage attempt to start late, and so the percentage of those late starters who make it might well be the same percentage as the percentage of early starters who make it.

    She told me about two late starters (late 20's, early 30's) in her program who are doing remarkable well. One of them actually shot ahead of everyone else and did something kind of amazing.
  14. Incredible.
  15. Cthugha

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    That guy finished his PhD in physics when he was 60. It took him quite a long time to finish it. Not sure, what he did all that time, though. I heard he spent his time with some royals or something like that.
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