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FDTD of (ultrasound) wave propagation through muscle

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    Im a mechanical engineering student currently, with a third year project of simulating ultrasound propagation through the abdomen. Currently i just want to simulate it going through muscle with no obstacles. I don't really understand where to start, I have formed some equations based on the wave equation in 2-d and understand vaguely that I have to some how calculate the displacement of all nodes for the previous two time steps to calculate the future, but i'm not really sure how one would do that. If anyone has any experience in this and could give me some insight or guidance that would be greatly appreciated. Im working with MATLAB for the coding.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    What references are you using for your work? Apparently there are no forum members with experience in such a simulation, but if people could see the references, they might be able to answer questions about the material.
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