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Femto Photography

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    Posting here, I think someone here would be interested in this:

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    Really neat stuff! What do our community photographers think? @Andy Resnick
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    Andy Resnick

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    It's interesting, to be sure- but it's not going to be commercially available anytime soon. Here's a link to the Nature paper, it has a diagram of their imaging system in Figure 1:


    The actual hardware technology is nothing new- femtosecond lasers and streak cameras have been around for decades- people have been imaging propagating light pulses since the 1970s:


    What is significantly new is the computational power to reconstruct photon-sparse image sets; similar approaches are used in microscopy (STORM is the most common form, https://www.microscopyu.com/articles/superresolution/stormintro.html).

    More broadly, the ways motion (time-varying position) can be represented in a single image lead to interesting effects:


    And I can't the link, but there's a photographer who creates images of people jumping/moving through a pulsed light sheet- really cool stuff.
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    Amazing stuff with huge potential although certainly Andy has it right that this is not something we'll see commercially available any time soon.
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