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Filtration and choice of solvent

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    Another seemingly simple issue that I've never really had to think about before untill now.

    Say, I have to filter out a solid precipitate that I see in a limited amount of unknown solvent.

    I have a Büchner funnel, but I need to have a solvent to rinse the solid with.

    Questions I have about this
    1. If I don't know what solvent it is, do I have to find out what it is before I filter out the
    solid? (i.e. using GC)

    2. If I have to find out the solvent through GC (I have to do this anyway) before I filter out
    the solid, and the mixture consists of more than one solvent, do I have to mix the
    solvents that are in the mixture and use that to rinse the solid through the filter with?

    Thank you,
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    If all you are doing is a GC analysis, why don't you just use a syringe filter and be done with it? Or centrifuge and carefully decant with an eppendorf pipette?
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    We don't have syringe filters at our disposal. They have just advised us today to decant the solid out and evaporate the solvent.

    Thank you for your help,
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    i'd tell you to choose a solvent that does have a common ion with your precipitate..as example if you have AgCl you would use AgNO3 with it...and so on
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