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Finally, fiber to the premises-- FTTP

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    After living under a satellite dish for 20 or so years...

    Click the picture... ↓

    We have internet service that is actually... usable internet service... LoL


    Man, it's a big change... Love it. :oldbiggrin:


    In our case, it's actually... FTTD (fiber to the desktop), then wireless through the rest of the house, by way of ahttp://www.nemont.net/DSLModem/bec_7800tn.pdf [Broken]

    LoL...from 223 Kbps, to around 25.00 Mbps, or better... :approve:

    Oh yeah, absolutely no bandwidth limit or throttling either...

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    I remember the days of 14.4kb/s dial up modems! But yeah, going back to less than 1mb/s would drive me up the wall. Welcome to the modern world :D
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    And I remember the days when 14.4kb/sec was blazingly fast in comparison to what I was getting.
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    jim mcnamara

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    (This is very unscientific but kinda fun) There once was a published paper in the early 1980's that had a proved theorem about the limits of the bit rate for telephony of that time - does anyone remember? I think it was on the order of 1024bps - maybe 2048. It was in ACM, I'm pretty sure. Anyway this was back when we used the term baud, and a 50 baud modem was a defacto standard.

    Had a PDP running UNIX - the terminal was a tty, at maybe ~30 baud. Think of typewriter with a console the size of Kansas.
    I'm tempted to say we had hamsters carrying bits back and forth.

    Ever wonder why UNIX commands ( the originals like ls, rm, cp, mv) are so terse? This is what is was like:
    Code (Text):

    Me: hit "l"
    UNIX tty:.... chacka "l"
    Me: hit "s"
    UNIX tty:... chacka "s"
    Me: hit <return>
    UNIX tty:.... chacka  pause.....
    chacka  chacka file1
    chacka chacka file2
    -- extra chacka-chacka-chacka sounds removed for clarity.
    Total time maybe 15 seconds. The hamsters would have choked on Linux commands with "--long options"
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