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Finally got my ODE final grade in

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    Finally got my Diff. EQ. final grade in

    I took the final last Tuesday (a week from yesterday). I was eagerly (really anxiously) awaiting the final grade. Strictly looking at the numbers going into the final, my grade was probably a C+/B-. The entire semester I wondered if there was some kind of curve or adjustment to the grade because my exams seemed a bit low and the grading a little harsh. Throughout the semester, this one particular guy and I would usually see how the other did on the exams. After the final, he told me that we usually did pretty well on the exams compared to some of the other grades he had seen. I found out he's a math major/physics minor, and I'm a physics major/math minor. Well, I received an A- for the semester. I was thoroughly prepared to get a C+, though. I personally could have done a bit better on the exams. I made a few careless mistakes here and there, but I accepted the semester for what it was.

    *Differential Equations
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    Too bad the prof didn't tell you how the course was being graded...are you sure it wasn't stated in the course syllabus :confused:?.
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    I am sure. The professor does have an abysmal rating on ratemyprofessor.com. I must say the complaints are not entirely without merit.
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