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Finally Some Answers - Alien: Covenant

  1. May 18, 2017 #1
    Have you guys seen the trailers yet for Alien: Covenant? While I'm not overly fond of the Horror genre I have to admit that the first time I saw the alien pilot corpse in the original Alien I couldn't help but to want to know more... much more about his/her/its backstory. The newest episode looks like it may finally resolve much of what was hinted at originally and unsatisfying in Prometheus.
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    Just saw the new movie. It was pretty good. What do you mean by "alien pilot corpse"? Both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant should answer most of your questions.
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    I take it you did not see the original Alien movie.
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    No, I did. Is he referring to the Engineer that had its chest ripped open (Presumably from a chestburster)? Because that's what it is, an Engineer (The white humanoids from Prometheus). I don't remember them referring to it as a pilot. Maybe they did, I just don't remember.
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    Ah. I, for some reason, had the immediate impression that it was the pilot. There might even have BEEN a reason but I've forgotten.
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    In the new one you'll see that most of the "corpse" was the "armor" the Engineers wore. (You can see an Engineer putting it on in online footage I saw yesterday somewhere.)
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    Saw it last night and was immensely disappointed. The stupidity of space scientists in this one is off the charts ridiculous. The film couldn't decide if it wanted to tell the possibly interesting back story of the series or be the classic horror thriller. It failed in both aspects. Watered down on both ends. Not scary either. Fassbender is a great character, everyone else forgettable.
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    And the crew jumps out of their shuttle onto a world they know nothing about, in soft clothes. No hazmat suits, no space suits. "Infect me! Infect me!"
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    I have the impression that it is the image at 47:15 of this video ?

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    I just watched "Alien: Covenant" on a new OLED screen from a bluray player.

    Wow -- what a crap experience that was! :oldruck:

    There I was, hoping for a follow-on from Prometheus, with Noomi Rapace continuing her "journey". But instead it's little more than a remake of the first Alien film, with names and places changed.

    I wonder... am I the only one who thinks the dialogue is seriously weak?

    Curiously, on the UHD OLED screen, most of the indoor scenes looked too-obviously like film sets. And the space vehicles looked too-obviously like models, though not quite as bad as the original Star Wars.

    Now I'm wondering whether watching movies on OLED from a 4K bluray source will ruin them for me. :oldcry:

    Has anyone else had this kind of experience with UHD?
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    My condolences.

    I agree. I almost feel asleep halfway through "Alien: Pollutant".

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