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Homework Help: Finding articles related to my subject

  1. Nov 3, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I am writing my lab report. It required me cite three articles. My experiment name is effect of temperature on enzyme(catechol oxidase) activity. I just wanted to write on my own because i know some of it. And three articles are too much.
    And I tried my university's library webpage, Google scholar to find the article related to my subjct, but could not find anything related to it. If I found one, always a single thing does not fits such as the article I found was about temp+pressure, not just temp.
    Is there any helpful website to find scientific articles? Or if you know an article related to this subject, can you recommand it to me?
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    If there will be a paper identical to yours, it wouldn't make sense to repeat it - so you have to look for papers that are similar, and check if the data published there doesn't contradict your findings.

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    www.pubmed.gov is a good place to search through the scientific literature. SciFinderScholar and ISI Web of Science are also good search tools but they are not free (perhaps you can get access through your university).
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    Borek: You are right! I got it. :) I managed to find effect of temperature on catechol oxidase in apple, grape and other things. If I insisted finding article exactly the same with my subject, My instructor would be shocked to see everything in my literature cited section has title with my subject! Thank you for your advice!
    Tgggdrasil:thank you so much. =) It was so helpful.
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