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Homework Help: Finding the velocity of sound in a tube.

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    I'm doing an acoustics lab, and I have a tweeter which is making sounds into a tube with a piston in it, i move the piston to different positon, and measure the distance " X ". "X " is the distance between the initial and reflected pulses. I then found time ( T ) by multiplying my "X" by the (Time/Div) which was 0.0005 s/div. I made a graph, which I'm not sure is right either, my y values (Time) range anywhere from 0.0001 s to 0.0036.

    I calculated my slope and got 1.5 x 10^-4

    Calculate the velocity of sound from the slope and compare your values with the accepted value of 340 m/s at 20 degrees celius. My slope is 1.5 x 10^-4.

    Can anyone help me, I'm just not sure which formula to use, because I hardly have any information, any guidance at all would be appriciated. Thanks:)
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    whoa, never mind i figured it out.
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