Finding Time from Accel and Distance

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In summary, the conversation involves finding the time and final speed for a car traveling 0.05 miles with a given acceleration and starting from 0 mph. The equations discussed include time = change/acceleration and d=st, as well as (V_f)^2=(V_i)^2+2a(d_f). The solution is still being worked on and may involve using a constant acceleration to find the time and final speed.
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Not school related, but I guess it could be a homework problem.
I am redoing my racing script on my car game and need some help. I have been looking around in many places and can't seem to find how to do this problem.

Homework Statement

I need to find the time it takes to travel 0.05 miles at a given acceleration starting at a given speed. I also need to find out the final speed.

So if a car starts from a stop (0 mph) and can travel 0-60mph in 7 seconds. How long will it take to travel 0.05 miles and what will its final speed be.

Homework Equations

time = change/acceleration

The Attempt at a Solution

So far I have its average acceleration at 8.57 mph/s if I can find the time I will be able to find its final speed. If its 1 second it will be 8.75 mph, 2 seconds will be 35mph. (Not to sure on that) But I did (2 seconds^2) * 8.75
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Is it going to be a constant acceleration? If it is you can use


Where [tex]V_f =[/tex] Final Velocity, [tex]V_i =[/tex] Initial Velocity, [tex]d_f =[/tex] the final displacement.

From there you can find the time it takes in a multitude of ways.
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