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Homework Help: Finding work from an inclined plane, basic question

  1. Jan 16, 2015 #1
    A 1.54 kg green toy car accelerates at 1.70 m/s² down a ramp 3.38 m long. If the force of friction acting on the toy car is 1.31 N, how much work is done on the toy car to get it to the bottom of the ramp?


    I know the acceleration, mass, and distance. Using the formulas Ep=Fd I can do 1.54 * 1.7 * 3.38 which is 8.848 J but it isnt correct. I also tried finding the height of the ramp by using the formula a= gh/d and by getting height i can use the formula Ep= mgh but still 8.84. The right answer is 13.3 J but i dont see how. Help? please as soon as possible thanks guys!
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    Never mind totally forgot about net force!!! Problem solved (:
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