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Finite Size vs Point Size Hydrogen like Atoms

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    Ok my question:
    what is the difference between the binding energies of these 2 types of atoms, conceptual wise, which one is greater?

    I am assuming based on the easy calculations of the potential energy of the finite size atom ( inside and outside)
    There is a difference between the potential energies of those 2 regions, and just because of that difference. It's easier to ionize the atom.
    Am I correct?

    Thank You
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    I don't know what you mean by "point sized atoms", since they do not exist in either theory or in nature, but the Rydberg constant is inversely proportional to the Bohr radius.
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    Unfortunately there is no answer to your question because the two types of atom you are considering are not present to begin with.
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    How do you distinguish "inside" versus "outside" for e.g. the ground state of hydrogen, for which the electron probability density as a function of r looks like the right-hand graph below? Do you mean "r large enough that the probability density is negligible"? (It never actually reaches zero.)


    (source: http://www.chemistry.mcmaster.ca/esam/Chapter_3/section_2.html)

    Both the potential and kinetic energies of the electron must also be described using probability distributions. Their sum is of course a fixed number: -13.6 eV for the ground state of hydrogen.
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