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Firefox Blamed For Engagement Breakup

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    This has to be the wierdest/funniest bug report ever submitted:


    If you follow the steps to reproduce the bug it always ends in: "Break-up with fiancé." :rofl:
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    'Erase My Relationship' hehehe
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    That's pretty damned funny. Mozilla should protect my relationship by allowing my boyfriend to be able to better hide his pron sites from me. What?
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    yeah but those sites are swinger sites where I'd assume all members would be screwing around, which means that he was probably cheating on her.

    So hell I'd be saying thanks to firefox!! :rofl:
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    :rofl: I'm really laughing at the comment that says it's not a bug, but a "feature."
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    :ROFL: this has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard
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