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First in vitro meat served in London

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    Lab grown meat, tasted in london

    World's first lab grown meat eaten in London, here's the reaction -

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    A remarkable development in tissue engineering that has resulted in an edible burger grown from stem cells taken from a cow. This is very much a first prototype and the volunteers who ate it described it as neither good nor bad (unsurprising as it lacks the appropriate fat, salt and other factors). I'm very keen to see this technology take off in the next few decades not just for the environmental benefits (far less animals to contribute to greenhouse gases and far more efficient meat production) but for the potential cross-over between in-vitro food technologies and medical tissue engineering.

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    I'd try it! I don't eat much beef anymore though.
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    Now, is that really what they mean by a Factory Farm!!
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    So is this meat grown with fetal serum, which is normally required for mammalian cell culture?

    I'm not convinced this is true: that less greenhouse gases would be produced and that it would be an efficient process of meat production (how many cows need to be impregnated and fetuses aborted for one in vitro burger?). Is there any reason that it would be, or is it just an ideal vision for the future?

    Remember, algae-based diets were hyped in the 50s but today with a production cost of €250/kg dry mass they are too expensive. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/329/5993/796.full The production cost of in vitro meat is even more complicated than the algae, it faces serious challenges.
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    Yes, the burger costs only 250,000 $ per unit. A serious challenge for sure.
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