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Homework Help: First year chemistry quantum mechanics question

  1. Nov 24, 2012 #1
    Hydrogen atoms are generated in an excited state where the electron occupies the 2p orbital. The excited sample of atoms then emits radiation that is directed to an unknown metal. The radiation ejects electrons with kinetic energy 8.77 x 10^-19 J. Given the data in the table below, identify the unknown metal.

    Metal: Ag, Cr, Ca, Mg, Au
    Binding energy: 7.58x10^-19, 7.21x10^-19, 4.60x10^-19, 5.86x10^-19, 8.17x10^-19


    8.77x10^-19J = -2.18x10^-18x(z^2)(1/2^2)

    I also know that E light = E Kinetic + E binding

    The correct answer is 7.58x10^-19. Can someone explain to me how to tackle this question?

    Please don't delete my question, I put in a lot of effort to type this
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    No idea what you are doing nor what you are writing. 7.58x10-19 is not a metal.

    To avoid the risk of getting your messages deleted, please put also an effort into reading forum rules and your private messages.

    What is energy of the electron on the 2p orbital of hydrogen atom? What is energy of the electron in the ground state of hydrogen atom? How much energy must be emitted for the electron to fall down?
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    u troll, The upper part metal corresponds to binding energy, it's clearly written, if you don't know the answer don't even bother to answer! That binding energy corresponds to Ag, which is a METAL. Even primary kids can understand this question. Jesus. Quote me on ALL THIS!
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