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Flow rate of air in discharging reservoir

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    If I have a tank of volume V, pressure P, and temperature T, what is the most effective way to determine the volume flow rate if I were to suddenly allow the air to discharge through a hose?

    My first thought was that I could use Boyle's Law to determine the compressed volume of air in the tank:

    Vc = Va*(Pc/Pa)

    Where Va is the volume of the non-pressurized vessel, and Pa is atmospheric pressure. Then I could measure the pressure at certain time intervals (say, once every 5 seconds) and calculate a new compressed volume. From there I could calculate the average flow rate during that period as

    Q = (Va,2 - Va,1) / (t2 - t1)

    And if I take the measurements at even shorter time intervals I believe the result should tend toward the instantaneous flow rate.

    Am I on the right track with this? Should I be looking at compressible flow theory for a crude converging nozzle instead? Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated in advance!
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    I had a similar question regarding air flow through a nozzle. The best bet is to look into flow through an orifice, also choked flow.
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