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For gear teeth to linear shaft, what's the center point?

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    I used to know this back when i worked with Flash animation, but I'm working on a 3D printer now and I've forgotten, when you have a set of teeth, on a linear shaft and a gear,

    do you base the unrolling of the gear, for the spacing, on the inside of the teeth, the outside of the teeth, or the halfway point between the two?

    Like if i have a shaft with 1x1x1 teeth, of Pi length (like 3.14 inches tall)
    do I line up the inside of the gear teeth holes, or the outside of the gear teeth, or something in between?

    I know i have to bevel the teeth in either case to fit.

    I could have sworn I used the average diameter between the teeth inside and outside, but is that how it works in physical reality? It always looked good in simulations.
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    Yeah agreed, when i was doing a 3.5mm tooth, i ended up using 1.75 addendum, 1.75 dedendum, and the radius (the circle between) was somewhere in the two, but larger by 1.75mm i think (I played around with it for a while). This was a design for a mini drill press. :)
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