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A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tailshaft (Australian English), propeller shaft (prop shaft), or Cardan shaft (after Girolamo Cardano) is a component for transmitting mechanical power and torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drivetrain that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them.
As torque carriers, drive shafts are subject to torsion and shear stress, equivalent to the difference between the input torque and the load. They must therefore be strong enough to bear the stress, while avoiding too much additional weight as that would in turn increase their inertia.
To allow for variations in the alignment and distance between the driving and driven components, drive shafts frequently incorporate one or more universal joints, jaw couplings, or rag joints, and sometimes a splined joint or prismatic joint.

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  1. M

    Determining radial force on shaft

    Hello, For the mechanical system below, i'm trying to understand the relationship between cylinder applied force and radial force. The system consists of a shaft which is held in-place by a bushing. The shaft is connected to an air cylinder via a linkage. The air cylinder is on a fixed pivot...
  2. grejuvaa

    Vibration and Modal Analysis: Adding massless springs to a shaft

    Hello, I am working on vibrations and modal analysis recently. I have a question that I could not find any answer. Can you please help me? Imagine a shaft. When we run the free free modal analysis lets assume that first bending mode is 600 Hz. Then we add 2 massless springs to the shaft. The...
  3. A

    Electronics Need help sealing my 775DC 30,000 rpm motor shaft

    Hi, I need help finding a way to seal my 775DC 30,000 rpm 5mm motor shaft going into my pump housing I built. This motor will run once a week for up to 5 minutes. The pump with have air and water in it. I will rarely ever be completely filled with water. So, the pump will mainly be pushing...
  4. T

    Ideas welcome on how to attach 2 shafts of different diameters

    I have a motor and a 3 phase generator which I would like to connect together, i.e. let the motor drive the generator and measure it's output. Each have their own type of shaft which do not fit together. I would therefore like to get some proposals, preferably which do not require custom work at...
  5. abdulbadii

    How to seat a motor shaft B taper connector correctly?

    Being so noob in taper connection, asking: How do we correctly seat a motor shaft connector of B taper system, most commonly B12, B16, B18, into its chuck mate in such that if there's no bolt fastening axially in center it's still quite viable and reliable ? it's just a press by a muscled hand...
  6. abdulbadii

    Misc. Most suitable pad for 3.17 mm d. shaft to be as 5 mm one

    Anyone understand to do as correctly as possible on 3.17 mm d. shaft function as 5 mm one, as the available affordable is motor shaft 3.17 mm diameter and the (leftmost image of adv.) connector/adapter of 5 mm diameter M10 ? So what'd be the most suitable pad/filler and how is to do it?
  7. M

    Mechanics of Materials — Torsional Stress on a Spinning Shaft

    Summary:: Torsional stress on freely spinning shaft? Hey guys, I’m having some confusion with a certain section of the “Torsion” chapter in my mechanics of materials book: “power transmission”. Please see the problem below. This is very easy to SOLVE (basically plug and chug with the...
  8. O

    How Do You Calculate Deflection and Shear Stress in a Tapered Shaft?

    So i need a little bit of help with a problem. I have a tapered shaft connected to a gearbox and i need to caluclate the deflection of the shaft and the max shear stress of the shaft. the total length of the shaft is 500mm the diameter is 35mm and tapers to 28mm with the taper length of 90mm...
  9. H

    Installing Snap Ring on a Shaft with Larger OD

    Hello! Long story short, I am interested in installing a snap ring rated for 5 mm diameter shafts over a 6 mm diameter shaft into the appropriate groove. For several reasons, I cannot use other types of retaining rings (i.e. side mount E-style retaining rings, etc). This is the snap ring...
  10. G

    Torque calculations: Rotating vertical shaft

    I apologize in advance for any errors in my concepts or assumptions. Feel free to correct me wherever I am wrong. Thanks in advance for the help. There is a vertical shaft which will be operated at around 600 rpm (N) which can be achieved in 2 seconds (or even 4 just an assumption). The shaft...
  11. Y

    Engineering Statically indeterminate shaft

    I have drawn the bending moment diagram to try to help me determine the moment, but I am certain my values are wrong. I have included a picture of my gearbox design, where the bottom shaft is what I'm trying to calculate. I've been able to calculate the top shaft moments and reaction forces...
  12. M

    Shaft Friction Control: Simple Solutions

    Hello Everyone, I'm working on a future mechanical structure with a rotating shaft. In this project, I should be able to control the resistance on the shaft but instead of adding some extra weights on the shaft to increase inertia, I don't have any ideas. Does anyone have an idea of simple...
  13. teun-lll

    Snail Cam shaft torque calculations

    Hello, Im trying to calculate the torque needed for a system that i want to design. i want to raise and drop a weight of 800 kg. Ive made some calculation but I am not certain i did it right. I think I am on the right track but i feel like the numbers are a bit high. I have a hard time finding...
  14. L

    Engineering Find the reaction forces of shaft AB

    Given: r1 = 0.75 r2 = 1.5 Ok, i have done statics and dynamics, but this book does things differently than the way i accomplished it in the previous classes. This is for mechanical engineering design class. Here is my question. They take sum of the moments along X, which goes through the center...
  15. S

    How to Measure Torque Required for motor to spin a rotating shaft?

    I've harvested a motor from a cordless drill and connected it to a belt which turns a rotating shaft. The motor pulley and the pulley on the other side of the belt are roughly the same size, which a fairly small radius (5 mm maybe?). The issue I'm running into, which I don't fully understand...
  16. B

    Repair Worn Shaft with Stick Welding - Advice Requested

    Hello everyone, I have a fan's induction motor, whose shaft is worn-out. I would like to use Shielded Metal Arc Welding (a.k.a. Stick Welding) to fill some metal into the worn-out area. Then, I will do machining to cut the excessive metal out. However, somebody told me that if the temperature...
  17. PhysicsTest

    Motor shaft connections and testing

    This is an MCLV-2 development board from microchip, with it got the Hurst motor as shown below The problem is that the shaft is smooth i cannot connect the loads etc. So, I want to clarify the below points a. What type of connectors i should look for and which websites will have the...
  18. S

    Groove Seals: High Pressure & High Temperature Applications

    I have seen seals in the form of multiple grooves in a shaft with no other sealing element like o-rings etc. in many applications. For example i have seen this in hydraulic spool valves, but also in high pressure and high temperature gas applications like on pistons in gas operated firearms. My...
  19. Q

    Proper free-body diagram for a shaft experiencing multiple torques

    I wish to draw a proper free-body diagram for this shaft. However, my FBD does not agree with the solutions manual. If someone could point out where I erred, that would be great. This is what I drew: From my FBD, it is clear that the maximum torque is present in section DE of the shaft. We...
  20. draculamedula

    I How do I determine I for a truncated cone in the bending of a Stylus Shaft?

    So I have a Stylus as shown in above fig. Fixed at Point A, Force (F) is applied perpendicular to the stylus axis. How do we find deflection at the end of the Stylus (Made of Two Different Materials as shown in the figure)? Hand Calculations are much appreciated. Thank you.
  21. A

    A jet engine's shaft is neutral in the direction of thrust?

    I think i read somewhere that jet engine shaft is neutral,because forces at turbine and compressor cancle out,so that mean axial berings don't have force on it in direction of thrust!? (this can't be true,becsue in that case thrust will be zero...) But if this is true ,against what pressure...
  22. B

    Engineering Angle of twist and Shear stress in a shaft

    Hello, I have attempted the question below. I think i have correctly completed the question. Could anyone see if i have gone wrong? As trying to learn this. I am just worried about the units m to mm. Also the answer being correct, 917.6Gpa. I was unsure what units to use on the answer...
  23. S

    If two gears are connected by a shaft do they have the same torque?

    1 axle. 2 gears on the same axle fixed in place. Does the larger gear with 48 teeth have the same amount of (force/strength) as the smaller gear of 12 teeth. IE: if I attached a chain to the 12 tooth gear and it could lift a max load of 10 kg, would the 48 tooth gear be able to lift 10 kg as...
  24. Arnsol

    Engineering Question about the safety factor for a shaft diameter

    Hello, So we are designing a turbine. We have a shaft that receives 710W / 13.6NM / 500RPM from the runner and we are going to find a diameter with safety factor of 3. Take the following information regarding metal: Aluminium 6061 Tensile strength 115 MPa Yield strength 48 MPa Shear...
  25. R

    Tension in a rope wrapped around a shaft, pulling in a mass

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of solving it this way. Since Fc=mw^2r. and Fc=T. Then -dT=dmw^2r. where dm=m1(dx/l). and putting the lower at x=l the tension will be T=m2w^2l. Am I doing things right.
  26. M

    Finding the Torque of a shaft that is spun by a lever

    Homework Statement: Hi there. I am new to this forum, but I joined just to ask some input from anyone who may be kind to help. I have this attached file where you can see all the values and equations I have used but there is one bit where I need help. finding Torque on Shaft B, I appreciate...
  27. H

    Misc. Project: Single Shaft Shredder

    Summary: Single shaft copper shredder I design a rotor of a shredder, but i need to find a motor for the rotor of the shredder. My questions are: 1. What is the best rpm for a copper shredder ( what kind of effects wil the shredder have on high rpm 1200-3000, lower rpm 300-1200 ) 2. what...
  28. L

    Spinning top's moment of inertia I (disc on shaft )

    I hope you guys can help me with this problem.. A top in the form of a flat, circular disc spins on a shaft that is inclined at an angle alpha to the vertical. Now I have to find the moment of inertia I for the disc about its centre on the shaft. My attempt was building I with spherical...
  29. Ahmed83

    Optimizing D-Shaped Shaft and Hole Fit for DC Motor and Impeller Operation

    Hello together, Currently working on an investigation and need some support. A small DC-motor shaft with a milled D-Shaped shaft at the end should drive a D-Shaped hole of an impeller. Impeller belongs to an air pump and the load profile and speed are varying during operation. I have observed...
  30. J

    Automotive How Do You Calculate Shaft RPM for Different Pulley Sizes?

    Hi guy here's an example in the picture for my project. i need to find the shaft rpm to find what size pulley D will be. Pulley B attached with a belt that come from a motor. 17.5 hp 3400 rpm 3 inch pulley if I am right and pulley b is 8.4 inch rpm 1214 torque 76 ft/lbs i think the shaft...
  31. Clay2

    Turbine Design for fire-hose driven shaft

    I am working on a design for a water powered drive shaft. The water source would be from a 2.5 inch diameter hose, at approx 75-100 psi. The goal would be to get 55-115 RPM from the shaft and max torque in the smallest possible handheld device. That being said, it seems my best options for...
  32. A

    Design a shaft considering torsional failure

    [I've searched the site and did google. I couldn't find a satisfactory answer] I have the motor characteristics and the moment of inertia of the object I'm supposed to spin with it. I have to design the shaft considering the torsional failure. Now, if I consider the inertia of the body, there is...
  33. F

    Appropriate tolerance for shaft and housing for bearings?

    Hello, So I am designing a shaft which would involve bearings on the shaft, and a housing which would enclose the shaft. The shaft would be slightly bigger than the bearing hole which would create an interference fit so the bearings would stay on the shaft tightly. At the same time the bearing...
  34. F

    How to calculate vibrations on a rotating shaft?

    Is there a way to calculate the vibrations on a shaft rotating at a certain rpm? Is there a way to accurately simulate this?
  35. TechTree

    Auto/Motor Finding a Drum for Motor Shaft to Lift 5kg Box

    Hello, I'm trying to use this gearbox motor as a winch to lift up a small box (5kg), however it needs to have some sort of drum that's mounted to the motor shaft to wrap the string around. Although I'm unable to find anything suitable that I could use. Is there already something that exists that...
  36. runningman19

    Measuring Torque on the Impeller Shaft of a Stirred Tank

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a project which requires me to determine the torque on the impeller shaft of stirred tank. Currently as I see it, there are 2 viable options: To measure the torque in the shaft using a torque transducer such as this one. This is by far the most accurate means of...
  37. R

    Balancing a shaft using mrL and mr vectors

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Trigonometry equations, p=m/v, A = pi * d^2 / 4 The Attempt at a Solution i) mass calculated is 9.318kg at 150° from A ii) diameter = 0.235m I apologize for the messy working, I am just wondering if I have followed the correct procedure or not...
  38. Z

    How to couple/connect a shaft to a disk?

    Hi, I'm new to part design/mechanical engineering and I have the following question. I know it must be a very trivial question for most of you guys :) .. but I'm new to this. Blue: steel shaft, 5/8" diameter, connected to a motor Green: aluminum disk, 10" diameter, 1/2" thick, 3" hole Goal...
  39. CMW328i

    Engineering Help with magnetic field forces in a motor

    Hi all, Not a question about completing homework here, but I'm a teacher looking to create a realistic engineering question for an assignment. I have an engineering scenario I've set for the assignment which is a junior engineer working for a marine engineering company so all of the questions...
  40. K

    Find the principal stresses in a shaft with torque applied

    Homework Statement Homework Equations M = Fd σ/y = M/I T/J = τ/r σalternating (σa) = σmax - σmin / 2 σmean (σm) = σmax + σmin / 2 soderberg: σa/σ'e + σm/σy = 1/FoS The Attempt at a Solution I am still unsure whether my progress so far is correct but.. I have calculated J to be 38.35e-9 m4...
  41. R

    Stress concentration factor and notch sensitivity in a shaft

    Homework Statement [/B] I can't seem to get the image links to work sorry! Also, I think the question is supposed to say 2.5mm radius notch, not 10mm https://imgur.com/Klxw4gG https://imgur.com/C9d81Rl https://imgur.com/7H421ou Homework Equations [/B] q = Ka - 1 / Kt - 1 M = Fd (σa / σ'e)...
  42. V

    Vector addition and the force applied to the shaft of the pulley

    Homework Statement Hello, I am currently studying mathematics and physics on my own, and I ran into a type of problem in physics that is a bit unclear to me. Say we have pulley at the top of an inclined plane with a base angle of alpha and the top angle is alpha. Homework Equations I assume...
  43. A

    Trying to understand two masses connected by a shaft

    I have the following system I got from a book, which models the dynamics of two masses connected by a shaft. The system is given below: And the equations given in the book for this system is below: The nominal speed is w0. And the interest here is the deviations from the nominal for mass...
  44. B

    Do I Need to Include Mounted Weights When Calculating Shaft Critical Speed?

    For the critical speed of the shaft, should I include the weight of the members mounted on the shaft (gears, pulleys, etc.) with the forces acting on it?
  45. B

    Computing Lateral Deflection of a Shaft

    How do I compute the horizontal and vertical lateral deflection of the shaft?
  46. S

    Calculating Pulley and Shaft Loads for an Existing System

    Hi, i need to do a pulley/shaft check on an existing system. Pulley is 840mm diameter and the motor has 47kw and 390 nm breakdown torque so to find the force from the belt can i assume that the force at the pulley o.d. distance is the force? So 390*0.84 will give the torque at that distance...
  47. B

    Can I add all torques in a shaft and use it as the Tmax?

    I have a problem on determining the diameter of a shaft. And I am required to find its maximum twisting moment/maximum torque (Tmax). Is it possible to add all the torques in different points of a shaft to be able to use it as the maximum torque (Tmax)?
  48. goonking

    Jamming a Pulley: Assessing Stress on Shaft & Hole

    A pulley-and-shaft is connected to a motor which applies torque to spin the pulley as shown below: Now imagine someone jams machine by sticking a broom into one of the holes of the pulley. I would imagine there would be normal stresses at the hole (location of jam) and torsional stress on the...