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  1. draculamedula

    I Bending of a Stylus Shaft

    So I have a Stylus as shown in above fig. Fixed at Point A, Force (F) is applied perpendicular to the stylus axis. How do we find deflection at the end of the Stylus (Made of Two Different Materials as shown in the figure)? Hand Calculations are much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. R

    Balancing a shaft using mrL and mr vectors

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Trigonometry equations, p=m/v, A = pi * d^2 / 4 The Attempt at a Solution i) mass calculated is 9.318kg at 150° from A ii) diameter = 0.235m I apologize for the messy working, I am just wondering if I have followed the correct procedure or not...
  3. CMW328i

    Engineering Help with magnetic field forces in a motor

    Hi all, Not a question about completing homework here, but I'm a teacher looking to create a realistic engineering question for an assignment. I have an engineering scenario I've set for the assignment which is a junior engineer working for a marine engineering company so all of the questions...
  4. K

    Find the principal stresses in a shaft with torque applied

    Homework Statement Homework Equations M = Fd σ/y = M/I T/J = τ/r σalternating (σa) = σmax - σmin / 2 σmean (σm) = σmax + σmin / 2 soderberg: σa/σ'e + σm/σy = 1/FoS The Attempt at a Solution I am still unsure whether my progress so far is correct but.. I have calculated J to be 38.35e-9 m4...
  5. S

    Pulley/shaft calculation

    Hi, i need to do a pulley/shaft check on an existing system. Pulley is 840mm diameter and the motor has 47kw and 390 nm breakdown torque so to find the force from the belt can i assume that the force at the pulley o.d. distance is the force? So 390*0.84 will give the torque at that distance...
  6. T

    I Design diameter of transmission shaft

    Please bear with me, I am trying to design a shaft that will be under torsion. I do not know the diameter of the shaft and I would like to be able to calculate it by the things that I do know about the system. There's a 15HP 3 Phase motor running at 85RPM [there's a gearbox] This will be...
  7. A

    Velocity of a piston in a piston-shaft mechanism

    Homework Statement In the figure, a piston P is connected to a cylinder. The piston is connected to a rotating wheel with two shafts AB and BC. The shaft AB is connected on the periphery of the wheel. The wheel is rotating with angular speed ω= 100 rad s-1. At the moment A,C and the center of...
  8. C

    Can I use thermal expansion to hold together materials?

    Okay, I will give a quick run down of what Im trying to do here. What I want to do is build a tesla turbine from old hard drive disks. Being that they're already rated for high RPM, it seems like a viable option. Now these disks are probably going to be aluminum and Im probably going to buy...
  9. chinmay

    Torsional Vibration of Rotor-Shaft

    I have developed a mathematical model to study the dynamic behavior of rotor (with 6 dof). It is assumed that rotor is rigidly mounted at the mid point of shaft, and both end of the shaft is attached to ball bearing. I have developed the FE model for it too, and the frequencies in X, Y, Theta...
  10. S

    Deflection in a Dynamic Shaft

    I am curious how the deflection of a shaft changes due to rotation. In the force diagram image the green arrows show the rotational fixture locations and the purple arrow show the location of the applied force. The second image shows the deflection during a static test. If the force is applied...
  11. ramzerimar

    Shaft in torsion?

    I have some conceptual doubts about shafts subjected to torsion. When studying Strenght of Materials, to find stress and strain in power transmission shafts, we consider that one of the ends of the shaft is fixed, with all degrees of freedom restricted, and the other one is receiving torque. I'm...
  12. W

    Choosing a bearing tolerance

    I'm currently in the process of designing a bearing housing for an axle. Unfortunately I am not 100% on the diameter of my axle yet but I want to have a clear understanding what tolerances to use on my axle to bearing bore and bearing outer diameter to the bearing housing. I've looked over the...
  13. PM22

    Formula to calculate force as a function of angle

    What formula can I use to calculate the force I need to apply to a sliding arm that makes a point contact along the edge of a rotating arm attached to a shaft driving a load in order to push the rotating arm to rotate the shaft? The rotating arm is 1 cm wide. The load at the shaft is 1 Nm...
  14. r_prieto5

    Start-up acceleration, max speed and torque of a transfer car

    Homework Statement A transfer car moves concrete slabs. Given values are wheel diameter D, shaft diameter d, rolling resistance FL , speed v, car weight mv , load weight mk , output power P at rotation speed n, average torque Mm , motor moment of inertia Jm , fan moment of inertia Jt and...
  15. J

    Gear RPM "img attached"

    Hey Guys, So in the attached image I'm trying to determine what the rpm of the 60 tooth gear will be given the 8.4" tire will be rotating at .68 rpm, everything else is just an assumption on my part. I'm assuming the following which is probably wong: The tire being rotated at .68 rpm will...
  16. I

    Determining the number of gear teeth?

    I have a system that consists of a shaft and two selected gears. I want the shaft to be rotating at 250 RPM and to deliver an input power to the system of 850W. The input torque at the shaft is 71Nm. How can i use this information to determine how large my driving and driven gears will be...
  17. I

    Selecting the best material for gears?

    This system consists of a shaft that is connected to a motor that is rotating at 200rpm. The whole shaft consists of two gears. The input power of the system is 500W. Is there a way i can calculate how exactly i can find the best material for my gears that is able to withstand the input power...
  18. Z

    Pump Shaft Torque calculation

    Attempting to determine the torque on the shaft of a pump. Known values are flow rate, RPM, and shaft diameter. 1. What other values are needed to make the calculation? 2. What is the equation I can use for this?
  19. S

    Calculating Torque Limit on a hollow shaft type component

    I am designing a custom socket for an application at work and I am concerned about the wall thickness in the area marked by the red box (see attached drawing). The socket will be used to torque a nut to 500Nm. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and I can do stress calcs on straight...
  20. S

    Critical speed of shaft

    how to find out critical speed of shaft without load. Shaft is supported at ends with bearings. what is the effect of this speed.
  21. K

    Effect of golf shaft length and flex

    Hi, I'm wondering about the effect of the shaft flex on the impact velocity between the club and the ball. I understand that as I swing down the golf club, the shaft flexes and the club head lags behind. Near the end of the point of impact, the shaft bends forward. Intuitively, I would think...
  22. S

    Finding the shear stress and angle of twist in hollow shaft

    MODERATOR NOTE: THIS THREAD WAS ORIGINALLY IN ANOTHER FORUM, SO THERE IS NO TEMPLATE. I have a hollow shaft made of a titanium alloy, Shear Modulus "G". The shaft has a wall thickness of 3.2mm and an inner diameter of 20mm. The shaft looks as show in the attached image. A torque T of 232 Nmm...
  23. C

    Torque and Force project

    Hi guys. I am doing a project involving a pedal powered rotary vane pump. I would like to ask how do I measure the Torque. I used a hollow steel shaft with a diameter of 0.75 inches. I was trying out the formula T=Fr but I have no idea how to measure the perpendicular force. In the picture you...