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For remember this great man (Karl Friedrich Gauss)

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    Karl Friedrich Gauss German mathematician and astronomer (1777–1855) Gauss received a doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of Helmstedt in 1799. In addition to his work in electromagnetism, he made contributions to mathematics and science in number theory, statistics, non-Euclidean geometry, and cometary orbital mechanics. He was a founder of the German Magnetic Union, which studies the Earth’s magnetic field on a continual basis.
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    Welcome to the forum, do you have a question?
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    thanx Ryan_m_b
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    I want to extend welcome too. I really like Karl Friedrich Gauss!
    Also the picture you have on your personal profile page is very funny. I used the enlargement keystroke (Command Shift +) to make the picture bigger so I could tell what it was.

    We should all be like in your picture and do whatever is needed to gain enlightenment :biggrin:

    Gauss was thesis-advisor to Georg Riemann who around 1854 gave us the differential manifold with metric and curvature, to be our new machinery of geometry. And that was the machinery that Einstein used as a basis in 1915 to make a new idea of space and time. It was Gauss who helped him decide to make his 1854 presentation on that topic (foundations of geometry).

    We are all, in a sense, the students of Gauss's Göttingen...
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    Apparently, there is no question.

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