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TOE - possible breakthrough concepts

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    Re: Background to Universal Quantum Field Geometry and Parallel Singularities

    Higher Intelligence travels from universe to universe through electromagetic sinks or points of gravitational collapse. Communication with parallel worlds that are moving faster than light through these points by using matter and muon waves. In this context we observe two major functions: 1) matter waves have the ability to move faster than light and 2) muon waves are the falling particles as they move from one geometry of creation to another.

    Matter waves are first utilized to measure the proportions of a given electromagnetic sink as well as parellel EM fields that exist between EM sinks. By forming a grid of measurements as the basis of the statistics of matter and muon wave interference, they determine what points are used as multi-gravitational sets. These sets are used as the Universal Quantum Field for projecting thought patterns into specific harmonies. Hence matter muon wave coupling allows Man to experience parellel 5th dimensional singularities to which he is normally excluded.

    By going through the light cone, one experiences the mystery of an all surrounding light cones connected with hyperdimensional space. (Note: the mechanisms of the living cell are coded into the cone) These cones form a circular field while retaining a specific singularity which can be exchanged by tumbling over into a new domain.

    The synchronization of our light cone with the other surrounding light cones of space and time uses Nu, Xi particles to transfer physical mass from one light cone to the other. Thus Higher Intelligence can select any given corridor from the EM sink for vehicle movement.
    Hence on a galactic scale of events, matter muon wave coupling allows the thought forms or physical mass to occupy an infinite number of universes with multiple variations.

    Flight time between conic sections varies with the biological ordering or matter energy tolerance in flowing from energy span to energy span. Her all prime infinitesimal units of mass energy particles can be formed from "no mass" motions which offer resistance to change, to another motion. The intrinsic resistance spanning electromagnetic sinks to a kinetic motion gives the impression of inertia or mass to the surrounding energy field of the vehicle. In order to overcome high frequency resistance levels, it is necessary to go beyond compound matter-energy bonding which are merely EM "skins" and are impenetrable by conventional physics.

    The matter muon wave combinations are also used to control universal zero-point vibrations which accounts for the patterns of molecular force. Zero point, where the cones come together, are points of attachments between Parellel Singularities. Man must acknowledge the universal zero-point just as a child acknowledges the cord of his mother's womb out of which he is extended.

    Within central galactic black holes, the breakup of light particles is used to coordinate emerging patterns which give shape to new evolutionary civilizations. In addition, matter wave coupled with muon polarization rates are used by Higher Intelligence to prevent destructive wave rotations between bodies of gravitational attraction which would yield composite wave rotations leading to the collapse of given either when cosmic ray bombardment (and other particles) takes place.

    In this process, neutrino, omega, and proton grids are constructed to control the elastic scattering effects when old vectors collapse and new vectors form. Matter muon coupling (specter-spectra) coordinates these energy grids and simultaneously allows for specie development from one planet to be extended to another on special 'grids of light'. This coupling also extends to consciousness particles known as Psi and Omega, thus allowing space to participate in the energy modulation of our life spectrum.

    This reorganization (from matter muon wave coupling) allows for a zone of gravitational wave compression (from the point of view of biological ordering) or special grids of measurement to arise which are then used for virtual structuring of parallel EM energy fields to be adjusted permitting species to travel from one star universe to another.

    Hence the Higher Intelligence weaves a specter-spectra light grid upon a given planet with negative influx of energy from destructive rotations or with a destroyed atmospheric cover which allow for cosmic rays to bombard the surface, creating a holding pattern that keeps out negative radiation. This light grid in turn allows for a harmonic to be established in the balancing of critical mass. Then an inductive kick by multiple magnetic fields creates a perpetual pulse leading to a positive feedback matter-muon flow allowing for the synthesis of energy fields that sustain the original kick. Then spectrum-specter-spectra light forces are used to balance the consciousness specie forms while freeing matter form its negative influence of entropic space.

    Thus electronic flux can be made to be in direct conjunction with parallel wave rotations generated by the vehicles of Higher Intelligence. Our entire population system of intelligence is thereby "raised" through a new cosmological constant, through the constants of curvature which are opened up. The function of the spectrum-reciprocol is used to counter balance all energy spin offs that are disruptive to the new vectors. This spectrum reciprocal allows for coordinated flight patterns of the vehicle using pyramidal projections to emanate in a such a way as to penetrate the surface evolute where the locus of the intersection meets with each mobile sphere (containing polarized life forces) in surrounding space. The technique involves using pyramids of light focus to balance the gravity shells of the planet. In other words the function of light is freed from its cubic restrictions on matter waves where A-line and B-line grids of light are freed to reformulate the pyramidal functions of light geometry. Thus the biogravitational field of living organisms 'replaces' the former time-space of observation. A unit of space-time matter transcends to a new level of creativity through a 'muload' (teleported matter) of matter muon waves. Matter muon waves thus play an important role in understanding Universal Singularities and Universal Quantum Field Theory. Unlike particles in physical form, these particles work through hyperdimensional space and must be screened by a matter-muon wave grid lest the specie loose its mental and spiritual capacity during shifts in the light zone. Matter muon wave coupling also allows for specter-spectra-spectrum projections of matter waves and gravity waves to alter the normal mental affinities (of the consciousness light patterns) to impart paranormal scientific gifts to the specie.

    Man will soon learn that he is not directly dependent on magnetic fields to regenerate biological rhythms but on a direct light arc focus which controls biological rhythm. Cosmic rays for example(now penetrating our consciousness life zone of gravitational wave compression) are now forcing our species to leave behind our consciousness time cell of perception. This is because old magnetic paradigms working with multiple arcs of color are insufficient for the survival of our consciousness species. The electromagnetic brain funtioning like a binary computer will be forced to adapt to a new EM spectrum or spin out of the old spiral into consciousness death - if we cannot code the new colors when crossing the electromagnetic null zone. Our sun system by virtue of being a variable star will be seen as having great limitations for future evolution. This will be observed by a visible exchange of the solar polarity fields (precursor to our electromagnetic pole shift) and by the magnetic mapping of inner solar magnetic lines rotating faster than the surface of the sun. These changes will also affect the rotation of Saturn and have an activity on Saturn's Rings.

    New magnetic lines will be used to bring about the balances in the energy coupling from proton-electron-proton to a new electron-proton-electron grid. Here the bioenergy fields inherits a new electron and positron pair and the blood circulatory system inherits new magnetic lines of force. In other words, molecular density levels work through the electron-proton field within a given electromagnetic spectrum and when the Light source is changed in this manner, the molecular density levels shift to reveal the next electron orbital level within an all encompassing universal field. Man thus will be enabled to move up the higher spiral of light quanta because the hemoglobin chain will allow the phylogenetic tree to shift into a new energy balance whereby singular, group, and vacuum ultraviolet waves combine to allow for quantum teleportation.
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    There you go stealing all of Shirley MacLaine's best ideas.
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    Re: further information

    Specifically, Man must go through the respatialization of the energy grid controlling cell division on his biological level of organization, planetary biomagnetic grid controlling specie evolution, and solar magnetic grid, receiving galactic energies from the worlds of negative mass. In addition when we can travel beyond the upper limits of our present electromagnetic spectrum, we will understand how our EM density controls the spin charge of the amino acid patterns operating through spectrum genetics. All large scale changes in magnetic fields arise out of motions of a conducting medium which involves magnetohydrodynamic activity. The Earth's core composed of molten iron, conducts electric currents which amplify accompanying magnetic fields when wave bombardment pours through the polar areas. Excessive cosmic wave bombardment transforms the iron core into a liquid plastic like field which disrupts the field stasis. Periodic cosmic wave bombardments are caused by changes in the vibration rate of star grids in relationship to fundamental periods of activity within our Milky Way. Thus the core begins to act as a core dynamo lubricant allowing the mantle shell to slide when the proper torque forces on the shell of the earth are thrown into geomagnetic reversal.

    Furthermore, our perceptual apparatus is modeled upon the 'brain' (a deca-delta manifold) of the universe which gives itself a memory function (a magnetic recorder cell). This recorder cell contains the directions for universal language structures and processes, which in turn control our memory of 'where we are' in relationship to a greater time-space continuum. Without the pre-existing Image blueprint, there would be no manifestation of rhythms which oscillate between maximum and minimum values (the set functions) for the implanting of seed forms from one higher parent universe to another. There would be thus, no accurate ionic composition of material forms, nor of solar and stellar satellite functions, corresponding atmospheric tidal cycles, which connect with centropic values allowing a galactic network to share the multidimensional levels of a given life density. Hence the laws of physics are superceded by the laws which govern a higher parallel spiritual universe, with the central control of our Milky Way galaxy mirrored in Sagitarrius functioning as our galactic recorder cell. The recorder cell provides the information for physical structuring and the distribution of pattern formation. The deca-delta manifold is a form of energy flow, established by heat envelopes produced by the image patterns formed from the parent universe through ten Light singularities. These ten light superscripts provide the deca-delta manifold with the proper topology so that each particular heat envelope have a certain 'time-sequence' and 'spacial orientation' which corresponds to the 72 basic programs for our universe. Each heat envelope code has a 36/36 flow pattern which is the balance and sequence development for a particular program being used in the architecture of creation. In essence the 36/36 flow pattern carries the harmonics and sets of cosmic vibration out of which stellar universes are shaped.

    This means that there are 10 space time singularities of Light interconnected with a pyramidal core memory, storing the gradations, and input power operations and event functions operating in all dimensions of our galaxy. Behind the sequence models, the deca delta manifold connects with 7 fields of light activity which move the color index of a given star system into a changing luminosity membrane pattern. These energies are the control mechanisms which determine the sequence of stars, as well as the radius of stellar membranes. These 7 particular fields of Light effect the light shells of agiven star to maintain its symmetry when connecting with other star systems. The primary symmetry (the seven fold pattern) plus the deca delta manifold is the basic formation and transformation process governed by a higher memory program. This allows for universal updating when a star goes through its entropic cycle in the main sequence phase so as to prevent degenerative and destructive processes upon stellar populations. In essence our galactic system has a cubic grid of light brought down upon it so as to prevent cataclysmic nuclear reactions through superior light energies which control a star systems internal structure and temperature range.

    Therefore seven light indexes create a reaction which controls a star systems hydrogen fusion, affecting various levels of a star's body, affecting the circumference of a star cluster, and the internal light timing mechanisms of organic evolution. Thus these superior 7 fold light energies are the external time reactors, which recode the seven internal light codes given throught the deca delta manifold. These seven light codes then become the linkage between electron spin orientation and gravitational wave compression, breaking the magnetic field structure with multiple lines of Light. Here the light codes can prevent the degenerate phase of star collapse through memory reprogramming. Within this reprogramming, a holding force of cubic space is necessary lest the accelerated high energy particle projections and collisions devour our consciousness time cell. On a super galactic model of expansion, from 3-9 dimensional grids, the ten space time singularities are coded into the chemistry of all evolving star systems through 10 peculiar light fields (which are composed of triplet deca delta patterns) - which forms the central coding of the electrochemical brain of star populations and the rhythmic cycles of stellar creation. This allows for each galaxy to represent the scale of a super-universe from a multidimensional model. Here the deca delta model superscribes our space time continuum with governing mathematical values, along pyramidal radiations for chronographic structures and basic geometries for all spherical patterns. These ten light values are pyramidal grids of astroharmonics, used to code man as a space filling substance, and on Magnetic grids which shape the embroyonic lines of growth into perfect mathematical units having affinity with living membranes and cellular form.

    In order to understand this regeneration, it must first be realized that Man exists and operates on a quanta deck of light. The quanta deck is 49 transitional states that can be integrated and within which can be created a compatible network for spacial provisions. This program allows consciousness to be continually regenerated by fission and fussion states produced by the galactic core. This is done by using chemical vibratory shells around the body as a semi-conductor overlap between the ATP molecule (as an indwelling biotransducer) and the deca delta manifold. This perfect pairing between the deca delta manifold and the biotranducer substratrum allows for ongoing renewal and regeneration. Moreover, this process connects the timing mechanisms of the seven force fields, each with its own time line, with the superior seven energy codes mechanisms connected with a deca delta recorder cell for open ended and exponential growth.

    These 49 consciousness transitional states of hyperdimensional space are created by electron energy underrolling (non lateral tunneling) of biological light discharges into electron holes whose activities are orientated by the opposite phase. The deca delta memory manifold connects through hyperdimensional energy envelopes surrounding planets. Here the planets receive new energy through sub-spacial pathways which are being filled with transfigured energy (processed and renewed energy). The new energy system races against convective energy transport. Finally the arrived at forms is transfigured energy which shapes the energy shell of the body acting as 'space filling energy' which in turn defines the new light core within the deca delta model. By being transfigured beyond conventional time space into hyperdimensional space, man can understand how the body is host to the local star energies emanating from each star universe within our Milky Way. Consciousness also is subsumed under a deca delta model having 49 transitional states allowing for a final conversion of purely biological activity into consciousness activity for progression from one star quanta deck to another.

    Here a direct relationship exists between the size of the universe, the diameter of the proton, and Man's range of vision within a space time continuum which is merely a part of a larger mass energy transformation that involves changes in our basic understanding of the 'known' universe.
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    This program allows consciousness to be continually regenerated by fission and fussion states produced by the galactic core.
    ... deca delta manifold, biotranducer substratrum, the seven force fields, the superior seven energy codes mechanisms, ...

    Boy, this is deep! :S
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    RE: this is deep

    Basically what this information is describing is that the way in which a galaxy evolves, the way in which a star or star system (galactic arms) evolves and the way in which biospheres such as planet earth evolve, all the way down to the simplest of life forms (that being a single celled organism) to more complex life forms such as Homosapiens, are modeled upon the same basic cosmological laws governing quantum photon, electron and our space-time energy continuum.

    Basically a "back door" to understanding what I have written would be to see the cosmic laws (such as the H-bar constant, Einstein's Constant of Light relativity, and the 10 space-time singularities of super-string theory) governing the basic model of our galaxy as a core memory function through which all evolving consciousness life must partake of or be ultimately dissolved.

    For example there are 7 dimensions of 'energy' filling 'space' in our universe. These are the sub-atomic, molecular, genetic, paraphysical, mathematical, musical, and superluminal dimensions which all share the same 'space' of our universe. Clearly a cosmological model governing singularities, the formation of star clusters and galaxies must be relevant on all levels of formation and transformation.
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    And don't forget...

    The human brain is a manifold of encrustated grasshopper brains, each of which is a monoidal solid made of an inscribed dodecahedron vibrating neuronally in a sinusoidal space of tachyons. This explains our funnel vision and our seven senses, which are in 1:1 correspondence with the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. There is a polyfunctional all-seeing morphic eye at the center of the Great Pyramid, and it was by using it that King Tut could see into the future and name all of the names of the humans living in the world today. A quintic function of logarithmic divergence is torsion-free on a space of wise men who came bearing gifts of chakric-phantasmogramic metacrystals. To see this is to be infused with the glory of the hexagonal matrix of fuming eldeberries.
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