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For SOP-detrimental to mention field that doesn't exist yet? (nanorobotics)

  1. Jan 10, 2012 #1
    For SOP--detrimental to mention field that doesn't exist yet? (nanorobotics)

    Just a quick question. My very long-term research goal is to help develop the field of biomedical nanorobotics, which is something that obviously isn't even close to realization. Because of this, and the bad wrap nanobots seem to have gotten in terms of not being possible, people's imaginations going too far, and becoming just a word the media drops to sound fancy, I have avoided mentioning this in my SOP. Instead, I have just been speaking more vaguely in terms of developing very small nanoelectronics components, propulsion techniques, and self-assembly methods. I'm concerned if I mention nanorobotics, the admissions committee will feel that I've bought into media hype. Am I reading this wrong and it would be advantageous to mention up-front my research goals, or am I better off playing it safe? Thanks for any advice...
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    Re: For SOP--detrimental to mention field that doesn't exist yet? (nanorobotics)

    One thing that you need to think about is that if your long term goals is to work on something that doesn't exist, what can you do now (or next year) that will bring you toward that goal.

    Also, you should gear your SOP toward your university. If the website for the university mentions nano-robots explicitly then it's probably safe to do it in your SOP. If not, then you have to figure out how your long term goals fit in with what the university is trying to do right now.
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