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Force exerted by a agitated fluid on vessel wall

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    How can I calculate the pressure exerted by a fluid on the walls of the vessel that is being agitated. The vessel is not pressurised. I have to calculate the resultant pressure on the walls to calculate the thickness of the vessel walls.
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    Please describe the problem in more detail .
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    Minor agitations won't do much to the vessel. Might as well just design it to hold the mass of the liquid with a sensible factor of safety.

    The only way I could think of, that the agitation of liquid could have a reasonable effect on the walls of the vessel is if you are making it undergo quite extreme acceleration and deceleration (is the vessel on hydraulic jacks or something?). Then, perhaps you could simply consider the G forces.

    If the agitation is in the form of vibrations, it's a different story altogether, as you have to start looking into fatigue and avoiding resonance.
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    Surge loading and similar problems are not particularly difficult to deal with . Could you could just give us a clearer idea about what you are trying to design ?
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    Dan S thank you. This is the answer i was looking for. It is a very simple reaction vessel
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    Where do you think is the critical areas that needs attention? In the upper or the lower part of the container?
    Calculation may involve wave analysis, hydraulics and water hammer effect.
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