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A research vessel (RV or R/V) is a ship or boat designed, modified, or equipped to carry out research at sea. Research vessels carry out a number of roles. Some of these roles can be combined into a single vessel but others require a dedicated vessel. Due to the demanding nature of the work, research vessels are often constructed around an icebreaker hull, allowing them to operate in polar waters.

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  1. S

    Air pressure changes in a vessel as the vessel volume increases

    As an example, you have a 100-gallon capacity sealed pressure vessel containing 100 psi of air pressure. What is the change in air pressure as the vessel volume is increased? If the volume is doubled is the pressure reduced to 50 pounds psi. On a graph, is the reduction rate a straight line? Is...
  2. T

    Cubical Pressure Vessel - Maximum Pressure Computation

    Hello everyone - this is my first post on the forum and this would be for a real world application. I have no mechanical engineering experience. We plan to build a cubical aluminium (6082 grade) pressure vessel. The total external dimensions are 540mm x 400mm x 75mm. The aluminium wall...
  3. L

    Pressure vessel wall thickness ASME BPVC VIII vs AS1210

    The ASME BPVC formula is t=PR/(SE-0.6P) where P = pressure , R = inside radius, S = allowed material design stress and E = joint efficiency factor. the AS1210 formula ,(equivalent nomenclature) is t=PR/(SE-P). This makes 1210 more conservative when using the inside radius . I suspect the pure...
  4. D

    I Theoretical pressure decay of a pressurised vessel

    I am looking to derive a method of plotting the theoretical pressure decay of a pressurised vessel. I would like to end up with a graph that plots internal vessel pressure against time. Is this possible? What assumptions would I need to make? The following inputs will be known. Gas: air...
  5. FEAnalyst

    Stress in rectangular vessel subjected to hydrostatic pressure

    Hi, it's not easy to find formulas for stress in rectangular pressure vessels. However, I've found some in a Polish book titled "Podstawy konstrukcji aparatury chemicznej" (Fundamentals of the design of chemical process equipment) by J. Pikon. The problem is that the book provides equations for...
  6. G

    Choosing a Flexible hose for outlet air pressure vessel

    Hi everyone, What should be the considerations to choose the proper hose (max working press) installed at outlet air pressure vessels (11 bar) for industrial purposes? Please remark source\link. Also, I've found a table which lists the max sys operating press for 4 different fluids (fuel, oil...
  7. B

    Find hole size for allowable leak in pressure vessel

    Hello, all. I am completely new here so please be gentle. I have a small, cylindrical, sealed ("no leak") pressure vessel with an approximate volume of 27 cm3. It has a constant supply of air pressure at 8"WC. I'm trying to figure out how big of a hole it can have if there is an allowable...
  8. Zahid Iftikhar

    Time of Impact of Gas Molecules on the Inner Wall of a Pressure Vessel

    In derivation of relation for pressure of Gas ,(see pic below) the time for rate of change of momentum of molecules should be the time for which the wall of the vessel and the molecules kept interacting with each other, not the time between successive collisions. As circumscribed below, my...
  9. Will26040

    How do I get the Convection Coefficient for steam in a jacketed vessel?

    Please could someone point me in the direction of an equation/ book I can use to obtain the convection coefficient for steam in a heating jacket. Steam is at 1 bar pressure. I think I need to use a dimensionless number. Thanks
  10. G

    Pressure vessel thickness U.S. measurement

    Hi everyone, In purpose to estimate the corrosion degredation in pressure vessels it is recommended to measure the pressure vessel thickness using an U.S. device. My question is how to determine the number of test points on the shell/caps surface as a function of the pressure vessel size...
  11. G

    Eliminating Air Bubbles in a pressure vessel under testing

    Hi, What can be done to avoid trupped bubble air at the top of a pressure vessel without upper hole during hydraulic testing? Also, once the bubble exist what can be done to release it? Thanks
  12. Vermilion X

    Concept of Hidrostatic Pressure in Random Shaped Vessel

    Hello Everyone! this question is using Indonesian language, i have translated the question at "Homework Statement". The container is filled by water (in Indonesian, "Air" means "Water") i know the the pressure at point X, Y and Z depends on their corresponding depth. my best answer is : Pz >...
  13. FEAnalyst

    Capped pressure vessel - strength and stability

    Hi, in mechanics of materials books one may easily find fomulas for stress and strain in thin- and thick-walled cylindrical pressure vessels subjected to internal pressure. However, it is assumed that they are open. So what are the formulas for stress and strain in capped vessels (with flat or...
  14. S

    ASME compliance in Pressure Vessel design

    Summary:: Hello i have a question regarding pressure vessel design. As per the required operating parameters for a pressure vessel, i have calculated the sheet thickness for the shell to be 4 mm and base plate thickness to be 25mm. These results are based on ASME calculations and ansys.Both...
  15. N

    Pressure in a sealed vessel

    I have a sealed vessel, it is 200 ml, it contains 25 ml of water which is then saturated with CO2 (bubbled through at 0.3 l/min unitil pH drops, ~ 1 h) at rt. The vessel is then heated to 130 °C. I wish to calculate the final pressure of the system. Thus far I have calculated the volume of CO2...
  16. saxman2u

    Volumetric flow from vessel through pipe to another vessel

    Hi, I am trying to calculate how much water can flow with just gravity from water tank A to water tank B. Each tank as a 2" orifice on the side wall at the bottom. If water tank A is 100% full and water tank B is completely empty, if someone opens a 2" ball valve at the bottom of tank A, how...
  17. G

    To find the time for which a vessel is within range of these guns

    Could I please ask for help with the following question (the second part): A cruiser sailing due north at 24 km/h sights a destroyer 48 km due east sailiing at 56 km/h on a course (360-a) degress where cos(a)=11/14. Show that the destroyer's course realtive to the cruiser is on a bearing of...
  18. G

    To find the time taken for one vessel to reach another

    Could I please ask for help regarding my answer to the following question? I've done the first part and get the answer of 500 seconds. I anticipated no problem with the second part, it is the same problem with different inputs, but I have disagreed with the provided answer of 1754 seconds. I...
  19. Geith

    (Fluid mechanics) How to find the flow rate of a gas from a vessel

    I am working on a project where I have to calculate various results relating to the motion of a water bottle rocket being launched. I am currently stuck on trying to find how long the thrust period of the rocket is. The model for the rocket is as follows: It is a 2L (0.002m3 bottle filled with...
  20. V

    Water level in a submerged closed vessel after it is turned upright

    Hello all, I need Your help with one real / theoretical situation. We have submerged pipe filled with air at atmospheric pressure that is closed on both ends. The hole is formed on one pipeline end and the water starts flooding the pipe. Let's assume pipe is tilted somewhat and that no air...
  21. carveranderson

    Pressure vessel made with a metal tube and a clear polycarbonate lid

    The tube I'm using is 6" long, 6" diameter and .5" wall thickness and made of 6061 aluminum. The bottom is a 6" diameter, 3/8" thick MIC6 Cast Aluminum Disc. The top I TRIED is a 6" diameter, 1/2" thick clear polycarbonate disc. Both top and bottom are bolted on with a 1/16" buna-n o-ring and...
  22. O

    Continuously positive static charged vessel?

    Summary: Seeking ideas how to create a positively static charged open end container to attract negatively static charged plastic items. Hi, I have got a first world problem that I'm trying to overcome. We have a small home based business and sometimes pack a few hundred items at a time using...
  23. men5j2s

    Buoyancy - (helium in a sealed vessel)

    Hi All, I'm trying to answer a question once and for all that has caused more debate than it ever should have (talking about an internal debate)... If I fill a sealed vessel (say an aluminium vessel with appox. 17.5ml of internal volume) with varying amounts of helium ( 1bar, 2bar, 3bar ...
  24. W

    Lagrange Equations of Motion for a particle in a vessel

    The final answer should have a negative b^2⋅r(dot)^2⋅r term but I have no idea how that term would become negative. Also I know for a fact that my Lagrangian is correct.
  25. W

    Lagrange Equations of Motion for a particle in a vessel

    I start out by substituting rcos(Θ) and rsin(Θ) for x and y respectively. This gives me z=(b/2)r^2. The Lagrangian of this system is (1/2)m(rdot^2+r^2⋅Θdot^2+zdot^2)-mgz. (rdot and such is the time derivative of said variable). I then find the time derivative of z, giving me zdot=br⋅rdot and...
  26. akin-iii

    I How do I derive a PDE for the volume flow rate of a tilting vessel?

    So the other day, I was pouring beer from a can to a mug and I obviously know the flow rate depends on the height of the beer from the bottom of the can (fluid level in the vessel), angle of tilt and I think time as well. I was wondering how to best model the PDE to describe such a phenomenon (...
  27. A

    Ansys Maxwell Simulation - Evaluation of Eddy currents in a Vessel

    Hi, guys, I am developing a simulation in Ansys Maxwell. I set up my simulation in the "transient mode", and I would like to evaluate the eddy currents that arise in a metal Vessel. The currents rise to a flat top in 20 ms and then after 20 ms in the flat top, it decreases to zero in 20 ms. I...
  28. andrea1313

    Terminal Speed of Vessel in Vacuum and Weightlessness

    In vacuum and weightlessness, at the bottom of a cylindrical vessel (a cup), there is a layer of solid substance of molar mass μ. This substance sublimes slowly (evaporates from the solid phase into gaseous phase) and pushes thereby the vessel to the opposite direction. Estimate the terminal...
  29. C

    Calculate Pressure vessel Collapse Pressure

    Homework Statement I have a simple cylindrical pressure vessel with thickness 100m and inner radius 254mm,.the cylnder has flat head closed ends but these are thickness 30mm. I need to calculate the pressure that would cause the vessel to collapse given material properties E=207Gpa, poissons...
  30. D

    Misc. Hydrostatics problem in a water vessel

    I am trying to design a water vessel system that maintains it's water level as it is consumed. In item 1. It's a simple water barometer, where the height of water in the column can be supported by atmospheric pressure until 10.34. In item 2. There are two columns that are open to atmosphere...
  31. B

    Speed of a cap when released from a pressure vessel

    Hi, Pressure vessels have caps on top of them. These caps are secured with tri clamps and if you need to remove them you have to make sure that the tank's pressure is released. If the tank is under pressure (say 10psi) and an operator removes the cap (A is known), what is the speed of the cap?
  32. Ben Harris

    I Piston in a tube connected to a vessel filled with air

    Hi there, i have been working with a problem the past few days and have a hard time with some of the assumptions being made. The problem involves a piston in a tube which is connected to a vessel filled with air. The air behaves as an ideal gas to which the product PV^ζ is a constant. The...
  33. S

    Pressure differences in a leaking vacuum vessel

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I'm mucking about with some self-made physics conundrums, and I need some help! So, What I am aiming for is a roughly cylindrical vessel (it can, and I think probably has to, be tapered to achieve the effect) with the air being pumped out of one end, and a...
  34. A

    Discharge of a Pressure Vessel Containing Liquid Nitrous Oxide

    Homework Statement I want to design a closed tank with an orifice hole (that can be opened and closed remotely) at the bottom of the tank and model how the mass flow rate of liquid nitrous oxide changes with respect to time, as the liquid nitrous oxide leaves the tank due to a pressure...
  35. R

    Viewing Particle P in a Cylindrical Vessel - 40 cm Height Needed

    I1. Homework Statement A cylindrical vessel whose diameter and height both are equal to 30 cm is placed on a horizontal surface and a small particle p is placed in it at a distance of 5 cm from the centre. An eye is placed at a position such that the edge of the bottom is in the plane of...
  36. oobgular

    Pressure in the corners of a box

    I have a fairly simple physics question, which I probably should know, but somehow I have never encountered it before. Suppose you have a pressurized cube, filled to a high uniform pressure P. Will the force from the pressure be larger at the edges and corners of the box? At the corner...
  37. J

    Pressure in the vessel containing water

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I think the pressure that the question is relating is the vapour pressure but I do not understand how that depends on the volume of the water contained in the vessel .Is there a relationship between the two ?
  38. Jschrodes4

    Single Cycle Pressure Test for Pressure Vessel

    Homework Statement I need to design a pressure test that, in one cycle, will simulate the 8000 cycles that a given pressure vessel will undergo. I know the dimensions and material of the vessel, the number of pressure cycles it will undergo, and the max and min working pressures. Homework...
  39. V

    A vessel with fluids of two different refractive indices

    Homework Statement both filled to height h in the vessel of length 2h. one has refractive index root 2 and the bottom fluid has refractive index n. find the apparent depth of vessel. Homework Equations n = real depth/apparent depth The Attempt at a Solution what these guys have done ...
  40. H

    Thick walled Pressure vessel -Principle stresses

    Homework Statement Hi, I trying to calculate principle stresses for pressure vessel (thick walled) which is pressurized from inside. I calculated all 3 stresses radial, hoop and axial and looking for what formulae to use to get to principle stresses. thanks Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  41. IAMJackal

    Analysis of DE Pool Filter as Steam Pressure Vessel

    Have built a 55 gallon DIY steamer from a DE pool filter. The pool filter is made from .06 inch stainless steel and was rated for an operating pressure of 50 PSI. As a pool filter, the vessel regularly operated at pressures of 10-15 PSI, and as much as 25-30 PSI when it needed cleaning. Have...
  42. R

    B Pressure Vessel Length Contraction and Pressure Comparison in a Spaceship

    I have 2 identical pressure vessels P1 and P2, exactly 1000 cc each. I pressurise them both to exactly ##1000 lbs/in ^2##. I place one on a spaceship and keep the other beside me. The ship blasts off. As the ship whizzes past me, as a result of length contraction, I see that the vessel on the...
  43. M

    Force on the bottom of the vessel containing a submerged cube

    Homework Statement Conside the fig below. A tank of water (height of water column b) is kept on a electronic weighing scale . a metal cube (side a and density D) is hung from a spring balance and the spring balance is slowly lowered into the tank till the cube reaches the bottom of tank. The...
  44. M

    How long does it take to heat a vessel?

    Homework Statement I need to find the time it takes to heat a vessel of water which is closed. Here is what I have: Specific heat capacity of water: 4184 J kg^-1 K^-1 Density of water: 1000 kg m^-3 Volume of water added and volume of vessel: 500 L or 0.5 m^3 Heat capacity of the vessel: 91000...
  45. R

    Size expansion vessel to reduce pressure loss

    Hi all, Given: I have a pressure vessel of 1000M^3 filled with water with 8 bar pressure. On this pressure vessel I have installed a valve and a expansion vessel on top of the pressure vessel. The expansion vessel is prepressurized to 8 bar as well. Question: when I open the valve i lose 20...
  46. N

    Internal pressure due to vessel collapse

    Hey All, I have a plastic vessel fully filled filled with an incompressible fluid (Water), at some time this vessel is impacted and crushed on one side (say 5% of the initial volume is lost). Only, I know the volume isn't lost, the fluid (being incompressible) will exert pressure on all...
  47. M

    Computation of maximum pressure in heated closed vessel

    I have a relatively simple design problem but my memories of thermodynamics are very rusty and I can't figure it out on my own. To make it short, I want to put a mix of solid, water and air in a 500mL pressure vessel and heat it all up to 250'C for several weeks. T and P are at room conditions...
  48. G

    Calculating Flow from Tank to Vessel w/ Power

    I am trying to calculate the flow in a system from an underground tank up through a pump into a vessel. But cannot find or derive a formula that yields a good result, I don't think I can use the same head calculations as Velocity will have changed. 1. Homework Statement ρ = 1000 kg m–3 μ =...
  49. D

    Calculating Temp. in a Heated Vessel: A Problem for Dave

    Hi there, I have a problem that I cannot find a solution too. In this problem I have a fuel (approximately natural gas) supply which is combusted when mixed with air inside a burner. The flame that is then generated is used to heat up a sealed cylindrical vessel (the flame is on the outside of...
  50. EnumaElish

    Can a space vessel generate its own photon wind?

    In a nutshell, does Newton's "action = -reaction" law apply to massless particles? If a spaceship directs a condensed light beam on its own heat-resistant photon sail, what would happen?