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Formula for the star density of the milky way?

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    It would be great if any of you could give me an aproximate formula of the star density of the milky way, as far as i know (and i'm not pretty sure), it falls off exponentially, both vertically and radially. The formula i have in my head would be something like
    ##Density \propto e^{-R/a}*e^{-h/b}##
    where R and h would be the radius and the height (taking as center the center of the galaxy) and a and b would be constants that i need to find.

    how wrong am i? could you help me find a and b? (the central budge isn't included in that formula)
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    Yeah that's about right. If I remember correctly, a is about 8kpc and b is about 1kpc. I'm sure you can find more accurate numbers in papers.
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