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I Formulas describing fluid viscosity/compress-ability

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    Sorry if this is to basic of a question. I'm trying to find a formula that will describe a viscous, but compressible fluid. This would just be a generic formula as a starting point. I'm trying to describe the variability of densities through this fluid. The closest thing I can find is a non newtonian fluid, that decribes how stress in an area dissipates through the fluid. But this doesn't really fit what I'm trying to do since i need a "pressure" factor.
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    You could start with the Wikipedia pages on the subject and the links there:

    If they do not contain what you're looking for, then you get at least a couple of terms you can use for a Google search.

    Here's what I've found as THE formula (see Summary):

    or an entire book about it (Author's page, Richard Fitzpatrick, Austin TX):
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    What is the specific problem you are trying to solve?
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