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Foundations of physics Special Issue: Forty Years of String Theory

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    "Foundations of physics" Special Issue: Forty Years of String Theory


    If this has already been mentioned feel free to delete this post.

    Articles free through march,

    A Critical Look at Strings (Carlo Rovelli) (pdf, 414 kB)
    A Perspective on the Landscape Problem (Lee Smolin) (pdf, 684 kB)
    On the Foundations of Superstring Theory (Gerard 't Hooft) (pdf, 285 kB)
    Mirror Symmetry and Other Miracles in Superstring Theory (Dean Rickles) (pdf, 775 kB)
    Theory Assessment and Final Theory Claim in String Theory (Richard Dawid) (pdf, 537 kB)
    What We Don’t Know About Time (Vijay Balasubramanian) (pdf, 540 kB)
    Is String Theory a Theory of Quantum Gravity? (Steven B. Giddings) (pdf, 802 kB)
    The Gauge-String Duality and Heavy Ion Collisions (Steven S. Gubser) (pdf, 522 kB)
    Evolving Notions of Geometry in String Theory (Emil J. Martinec) (pdf, 585 kB)
    String Theory (Leonard Susskind) (pdf, 275 kB)
    String and M-Theory: Answering the Critics (M.J. Duff) (pdf, 526 kB)
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    Re: "Foundatiosns of physics" Special Issue: Forty Years of String The

    I just downloaded all of them. Do this and get a permanent set.
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