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Freidel and Loll in Fredericton

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    George Jones

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    On Thursday, Freidel and Loll will give talks at a http://www.unb.ca/fredericton/science/math/CCGRRA/" being held about an hour up the (river and) road from me, and I plan to attend. I have zero background in their stuff, so I probably will get next to nothing from their talks. I hope to get more from the invited talk, Dark Energy and Dark Gravity, by Maartens.
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    Guess what I would want to hear??? Let me know if there is anything interesting being said about minimum length and their approach.
    I looked over the program and it appears that there will be a lot of approaches that will be presented.
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    That is so fine! I am glad you are going George, please report anything that strikes you as interesting from any of the talks'

    I very much respect Roy Maartens of Portsmouth. He is what I think of as a QG or QC phenomenologist.
    He has co-authored with Bojowald
    and also with Parampreet Singh
    and he was an invited speaker at the Loops '05 in Potsdam.
    he is not allied to LQG, he does string equally, he is a real phenomenologist
    about quantum gravity and cosmology.
    it will be good to get clues by what he talks about
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