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From incredible powers to the real one

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    Cartoon heroes can be interesting, like the X-man by Marvel. Saw the movie(s)? They are mostly childish, but still got me thinking...

    Let's see what could be the best single power or ability (p/a) which could give one advantage over all others?

    List of some p/a from X-man:
    - Telephaty, reading & controlling minds
    - Magnetism, controlling & moving metals
    - Energy, absorbing energy & releasing it by will
    - High IQ, inventing advanced technology
    - Teleportation, of self and others
    - Transformation, of own body appearance
    - Creation and control of fire or water or sound or wind
    - Invisibility etc.

    In movie it seems that the ability to control minds is the strongest of all, since no matter how powerful someone else is, it's of no use when their mind is stopped or even used against their own will.

    Second best seems to be the ability to absorb all energy, so all attacks turn to be source of energy, which can then be redirected and released by will (e.g. back to attacker).

    Third best seems to be power of magnetism, moving low or huge weights at great distances, or moving oneself if suited with metal.

    Now, each these top three p/a has its own weakness. Mind control doesn't work against the one wearing metallic helmet. Energy absorbing ability doesn't work when mind is stopped. Same goes for magnetic power, plus additional weakness is that it is useless if being in environment without any metals around.

    In movie (X-man 2011) anyone can be stronger than the strongest one, if helmet is used for protection against mind control. If we ignore mind control ability then none can win one who does energy absorption.

    The strongest combo of powers presented would surely be ability to do mind control and instant teleportation (e.g. to remove helmet and then stop their mind).

    Yet, there is another possible ability (unseen in cartoons/movies), which would be the greatest - it would be the ability to control time. And having auto-protection on (in sense that time slows or stops for all except oneself if someone attacks or wants to harm).

    After some consideration I came to conclude that in truth all of these powers pale against one very simple, and in a way fragile power, available among us, mortal humans...

    But before I reveal my idea about it let's first hear your ideas....
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