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From Physics to Engineering Help?

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    I am currently an Undergrad student studying Biophysics, wanting to pursue a career in medical research. Is it possible to go from a B.S. in Biophysics to a M.S. or Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering? Do I have to have a degree in Biomedical Engineering to be a Biomedical Engineer? My main research interest is Cardiovascular Engineering. I am about to start independent research in Cardiovascular physics, studying biomaterials and tissue engineering methods that can be used to make heart valves. I also want to work with a math major and develop mathematical models to represent the mechanics of the heart valve, in order to develop more efficient valves. Am I on the right track? Will Biophysics prepare me for this?
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    Short Answer: 1.) Yes. 2.) No.

    Long Answer: BME is still a burgeoning field and to be honest the majority of faculty in the BME department at my school are actually physics PhD's. That being said you will need to pick up some different skills along the way associated with switching to a different profession.
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