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From Software Development to Math/Science?

  1. Nov 27, 2012 #1

    I am a Software Developer in a company. I work on cutting edge technologies in System Software and High Performance Computing. But, I'm also interested in Pure Math and also Physics. I get excited about Number Theory and I want that to be part of my career. What do I do?. Where do I start with?. I know this is weird because people go the other way!. I am planning for a PhD after two years or so. How do I go about choosing a topic for research related to the fields I like?.
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    The only things I know of that involve number theory are professorial teaching positions. It is indeed a fascinating study, but job opportunities in this area are few. Consider that you may want to do something else that pays the bills, and pursue the number theory studies on your own.
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    Since you have a software background, maybe look into cryptography/security related positions? A lot of that's based on number theory.
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